Stories by Thornton A. May

Looking ahead: A year for stories and storytellers

Here's my No. 1 forecast for 2013: We will start telling better stories. In the new year, the IT career guillotine will sever the necks of those less facile in the narrative arts.

Written by Thornton A. May24 Sept. 12 14:09

Thornton May: 'Future' as a verb

The organizations that will prosper in the future are those led by people who have imagined a future they want to live in.

Written by Thornton A. May16 July 12 14:18

IT Needs to Aspire and Really Make a Difference

Victor Hugo, the great writer of 19th-century France, said, "You can resist an invading army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come." The same can be said of technologies.

Written by Thornton A. May07 May 12 23:36

Thornton A. May: A New Kind of IT Hero for a New Kind of World

We stand today on the brink of momentous years, a decade or so that will change how we work, learn, play, pay, heal and relate. All of this interests me, but nothing more so than what it will mean for the provisioning of information technology.

Written by Thornton A. May13 Feb. 12 22:15

Sustaining your career during unsettled times

Sustainability, or creating economic prosperity without wreaking ecological havoc, is very much on the minds of executives at big brand companies like Coca-Cola, American Greetings and UPS.

Written by Thornton A. May20 Dec. 11 04:15

Let's Keep the Board of Directors in the Loop

The role that IT plays in value creation should concern the very top levels of management. That being so, your company's <a href="">board of directors should be well versed in what is happening in IT</a> .

Written by Thornton A. May22 Nov. 11 02:14

Managing the Fears That Define the Information Age

To a large extent, our fears define us. Our earliest bipedal ancestors probably mostly had fears about ingestion -- either being eaten or not having enough to eat. The literature and art of the Victorians, as Julie Wosk notes in <a href="">Breaking Frame: Technology and the Visual Arts in the Nineteenth Century</a> , reflected a popular psychosis fixated on fears of being blown up by misengineered technology, being accelerated half out of one's mind on a train or being maimed when a train went off the tracks.

Written by Thornton A. May25 Oct. 11 01:05

The look of post-cloud IT

I recently surveyed the vendor, analyst and trade-show landscape seeking to get a snapshot of current thinking about cloud computing . I came away with two visceral conclusions. The first is that vendor marketing on this topic is terrible. One would be hard-pressed to find more gibberish per pixel than the typical vendor or analyst PowerPoint presentation on cloud computing. The second conclusion is that no one really knows anything about what will happen to IT after the cloud becomes a mainstream reality.

Written by Thornton A. May05 April 10 20:17

Paying Attention to Paying Attention

Economics is the study of how human beings allocate scarce resources. And in this Age of Big Information, when we all must be knowledge omnivores able to digest a steady diet of news and information coming at us through media as diverse as smart phones, computers and televisions, there can be little doubt that the scarcest and most precious resource is attention.

Written by Thornton A. May01 May 07 14:38