Stories by Thornton A. May

Thornton May: Reflections on inflections

Every day, contemporary executives confront a series of inflection points, where received wisdom is no longer adequate.

Written by Thornton A. May10 March 14 10:35

Thornton May: The path to big data mastery

While the path-to-mastery pattern is conceptually simple, successfully executing it requires courage, perseverance and patience.

Written by Thornton A. May10 Feb. 14 11:38

Thornton A. May: IT for the whole brain and the whole organization

What will really turn IT careers upside down in 2014 is integrating value-creating IT behaviors into every nook and cranny of the enterprise. It sounds simple until one remembers that the history of our industry and profession is one of separation.

Written by Thornton A. May16 Dec. 13 22:23

Thornton A. May: Fed up with blowhards, IT will fight back in 2014

Fred Pohl, a colorful figure in the world of imaginative literature, once commented, "A good science fiction story should be able to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam." In a similar vein, I think those practicing the mysterious arts of forecasting should expand upon the realities of the very clever and now consensus prophecy of the SMAC stack (social, mobile, analytics and cloud), migrate beyond the parameters of established opinion and assess what will really happen in 2014.

Written by Thornton A. May23 Sept. 13 14:28

Thornton May: Stalking the elusive data scientist

Since it is virtually impossible to find all needed analytical skills resident in the same human being, it might be wise to adopt an 'ensemble' approach to your organization's deficit in those skills. Insider (registration required)

Written by Thornton A. May06 May 13 10:08

Thornton A. May: Is the future knowable?

Knowing the future is a big part of the new IT skill set. But if you are going to find the future, you have to know where to look for it.

Written by Thornton A. May08 April 13 10:08