Stories by Paul M. Ingevaldson

Leave the CIO alone

Alternative titles like chief digital officer and chief technology officer muddy the situation and might even dilute authority.

Written by Paul M. Ingevaldson09 April 14 21:32

IT needs to use metrics to move out of the shadows

The IT department should behave like every other department in the company and forthrightly explain what it is up to. Insider (registration required)

Written by Paul M. Ingevaldson04 Sept. 12 17:45

Top 10 qualities of a great IT shop

No two IT shops conduct business in the same way: CIOs report to various executives, project approval processes are all over the board, and personnel policies are vastly different. Unlike other professions, IT doesn't seem to have a common set of basic principles across companies.

Written by Paul M. Ingevaldson23 Dec. 08 08:01

Why can't I get promoted?

Today's topic is the question I most often received as an IT manager: "Why can't I get promoted?"

Written by Paul M. Ingevaldson30 Sept. 08 07:40

IT, We Have a Problem — Revisited

Recently I chronicled my frustration while serving as guest lecturer in a management of information systems technology MBA class at a local university.

Written by Paul M. Ingevaldson04 June 07 11:21

What to Say to the CEO

If you read IT magazine columns, you've probably been offered a lot of advice about how to operate as the CIO. Certainly, such advice is easy to give, but it's often hard to implement. So I thought that I would try to get down to the conversation level and recommend some actual dialogue that you, as the CIO, could have with the boss.

Written by Paul M. Ingevaldson23 April 07 15:52

Getting in Sync

Your reputation for performance depends on your ability to align with end users

Written by Paul M. Ingevaldson05 Sept. 06 09:00