Stories by Brian Heder

What's lurking in your network? Find out by decrypting SSL

Organizations have spent vast sums of money on security systems and, when deployed and operated correctly, they play a key role in safeguarding the organization. However, most systems have one critical dependency: The traffic flowing through must be readable. If the traffic is encrypted, many systems are almost completely useless, giving the system owner a false sense of security.

Written by Brian Heder18 Jan. 13 17:15

Will the sky fall if you don't deploy IPv6?

The author is a Senior Network Engineer specializing in large-scale enterprise and data center network design for the Department of Defense

Written by Brian Heder28 Oct. 11 08:37

IPv6 transition framework for the enterprise

If all the excitement about IPv6 has finally convinced you to take a serious look at what's involved in the transition, you'll want to start with this framework. After all, transitioning to IPv6 can be daunting given it will affect every networked device on the planet and it is more than just a transition of technology, it's also a transition of people and culture and the way we think.

Written by Brian Heder10 June 11 03:32