Stories by Christine Ferrusi Ross

IT Contract Negotiation: Five Steps to Success

Do you find yourself getting into "fire-fighting" mode when deals need to be finalized? Forrester has found it's not uncommon for sourcing professionals to have contracts thrust upon them by impatient business or IT users that "must get signed in the next two days" or similar situations.

Written by Christine Ferrusi Ross02 Feb. 10 07:59

The future of IT services: how to prepare

We constantly hear hype about how a given market is changing drastically. And given the economy, many companies we talk to tell us that the only thing drastic happening in IT services today is the rate reductions they're asking from their vendors. But after years of moving forward slowly, IT services is in fact about to change drastically. Here are a few reasons why, and what you can do about it.

Written by Christine Ferrusi Ross18 Aug. 09 02:51