Stories by Bob Violino

Which vendors will be on target in the era of New IT

The major technology shifts under way -- the move to cloud-based services and reduced importance of the data center, the growth of mobile devices and apps and related decline in use of traditional PCs, and the greater emphasis on big data/analytics rather than traditional analytics -- are having a huge impact on corporate IT.

Written by Bob Violino18 Feb. 14 17:09

Is rapid detection the new prevention?

There's a trend underway in the information security field to shift from a prevention mentality--in which organizations try to make the perimeter impenetrable and avoid breaches--to a focus on rapid detection, where they can quickly identify and mitigate threats.

Written by Bob Violino02 Jan. 14 11:56

A clear-eyed guide to Android's actual security risks

If you're an Android user -- or want to be -- you've likely heard about all the security risks of Google's mobile operating system. But how real are these threats, and how much damage can they do? Despite the fears, are Android devices actually a safe bet for an enterprise mobility strategy?

Written by Bob Violino09 Dec. 13 14:35

The Internet of Things will mean really, really big data

Bland by name and superficially viewed as gee-whiz technology never to be realized, the Internet of things (IoT) has significant potential to transform business. Early forays into Net-enabling physical objects are already pointing the way.

Written by Bob Violino29 July 13 14:26

Why password-only authentication is passe

The rapid growth of mobile devices that can access corporate networks and data, the expanding use of cloud-based IT services, and the increasing popularity of apps such as online banking mean that IT needs to pay closer attention to authentication.

Written by Bob Violino10 June 13 13:56

The Internet of Things: Coming to a network near you

When people talk about the Internet of Things (IoT), the most common examples are smart cars, IP-addressable washing machines and Internet-connected nanny cams.

Written by Bob Violino22 April 13 10:57

Enterprise apps get social

Social media mania is having a huge impact on traditional business applications. Companies that are leveraging this trend are seeing significant benefits, including collaboration and data sharing in ways they've not experienced before.

Written by Bob Violino27 March 13 14:35

RFID: Befuddled by FUD

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology has shown promise as a way to monitor the movement and even the condition of all sorts of objects.

Written by Bob Violino10 Dec. 12 13:16

When in China, don't leave your laptop alone

If you travel to China or Russia, assume government or industry spooks will steal your data and install spyware. Here's how to thwart them

Written by Bob Violino04 Dec. 12 11:11

Forecast 2013: Setting a mobile risk management strategy

If you're CIO at a large enterprise -- or a small one, for that matter -- chances are good that you're seeing a steady rise in the number of employees using smartphones and tablets at work.

Written by Bob Violino24 Sept. 12 14:07

Securing the new data center

It’s hard enough to secure resources when they are bound to a physical box, but the game changes when servers are virtualized and start to move around, not only to other servers in the data center, but also to off-premise cloud facilities.

Written by Bob Violino16 July 12 14:20