Stories by Alice Dragoon

How To Do Customer Segmentation Right

RBC Royal Bank is one of the few companies that actually gets it. Here's how the bank has grown its market share by courting specific customer segments, such as retired snowbirds and future doctors

Written by Alice Dragoon08 March 06 15:52

50-Cent Holes

Sure, you've got a million-dollar security battleship, but it's full of. . .

50-Cent Holes!

Written by Alice Dragoon07 Nov. 05 20:52

6 Simple Rules for Successful Self-Service

You can save money, increase revenues and generate loyalty when you let customers help themselves. But only if you do it right.

Written by Alice Dragoon07 Nov. 05 15:30

In the Loop

Meeting with customers on a regular basis gives CIOs fresh ideas on how to improve customer service and justify new systems

Written by Alice Dragoon04 Feb. 05 12:21

A Travel Guide to Collaboration

To arrive at collaboration, companies will need to get over their win-lose mentality, and solve a host of technical and cultural challenges. Here's a road map for the journey

Written by Alice Dragoon04 Feb. 05 10:49

Fighting Phish, Fakes and Frauds

Companies on the front lines of the phishing wars share tactics for making their sites spoof-proof and protecting online transactions.

Written by Alice Dragoon06 Oct. 04 12:10

The Secret Weapon: Internal Marketing

It's the best kept secret for success: Marketing IT's achievements will boost its credibility, create transparency and might even help win instant approval for your next $2 million project

Written by Alice Dragoon12 July 04 12:24

Small Teams, Big Returns

CBS IT worked faster, better and cheaper after it split into small teams. The key to its success: setting strong performance goals.

Written by Alice Dragoon06 Feb. 04 09:16

Business Intelligence Gets Smart(er)

Companies are using business intelligence software for more than simple data mining. They're using it to identify hot sellers, cut costs and
discover new business.

Written by Alice Dragoon08 Oct. 03 09:13

The Amazing Travelling IT Show

Cirque du Soleil is more than aerial acrobatics and gymnastic symmetry. Behind the scenes, an information technology tour de force keeps the show running smoothly.

Written by Alice Dragoon08 Dec. 02 10:09

Put Your Money Where Your Mouthpiece Is

Companies spend a lot of money to acquire new customers. Poor service is the fastest way to lose them. Is your company's call centre doing everything it can to keep its customers happy?

Written by Alice Dragoon08 March 02 10:45

Interview: The Man from Interpol

Interpol's IS Director, Peter Nevitt, is the enemy of all the world's thugs, and IT is his weapon.

Written by Alice Dragoon19 June 00 10:14

Jane's Adventure in CRM Land

Most companies are just delving into the realm of customer relationship management. To help you visualise its potential, here's one view of CRM nirvana

Written by Alice Dragoon27 April 00 12:13

Looking for Mr. Candybar

Some British companies think sharing marketing data will help them find elusive links among chocolate-eaters, perfume-wearers and diaper-buyers.

Written by Alice Dragoon25 Jan. 99 13:08