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Blog: Why Microsoft Office Going Free Would Be Good For Business (And Users)

Microsoft announced that it is working on a lightweight version of its Office productivity software called "Albany," serving as an alternative to the rise of Google Apps, Zoho, and other web-based applications in the consumer space. While this is a good start in Microsoft admitting that software as a service (SaaS) will be the future of computing, they should consider making the service free of charge and fully Web-based.

Written by C.G. Lynch23 April 08 12:40

Blog: Four Facebook Faux Pas to Avoid

As Facebook's audience has expanded to include more business-oriented users, it's important to remember that the social network formulated an unwritten set of do's and don'ts, set largely by college students whose heavy use of the system provided Facebook with its original user base.

Written by C.G. Lynch21 April 08 15:13

Blog: Can Google Apps crack large enterprises?

Monday's announcement that would provide Google Apps for free to its customers sparked off a debate among analysts about whether Google's web-based software can make inroads with large businesses, and specifically the Fortune 500.

Written by C.G. Lynch16 April 08 12:13

Blog: RSA Conference: Blocking Consumer Applications Won't Help Enterprise Security

The explosion of consumer and Web 2.0 applications being utilized by end-users within businesses will cause a new paradigm for corporate information security, where blocking URLs and setting firewalls won't be nearly enough to control a company's intellectual property and data, according to a panel of chief information security officers (CISOs) and vendors at the RSA Conference in the US.

Written by C.G. Lynch11 April 08 14:36

A new day for Macs in the enterprise?

When Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone was ready for enterprise use, the announcement caused a stir that few of the world's iconic businessmen could match. It seemed that everyone from rank-and-file worker-bees to CEOs wanted to get their corporate applications served up on the hot new device. Why? This was Apple-a synonym for awe-inspiring design and coolness-the antithesis to stodgy old corporate technology that burns the eyes red and freezes computers blue.

Written by C.G. Lynch07 April 08 12:00

Blog: Four Qualities of a Top Performing IT Deparment

A new study by the Hackett Group contends there are four characteristics that link the solid financial performance of companies to how efficiently their IT departments run.

Written by C.G. Lynch01 April 08 15:44

Using Blogs to Manage Projects

Eugene Roman, group preresident of systems and technology at Bell Canada, knows how to play a blog. An enterprise blog, that is. And he has taught his employees to play a blog so well that they often have "jam" sessions--an internal blog forum where groups of employees discuss new products and work to streamline efficiencies at the CA$18 billion telecom.

Written by C.G. Lynch28 March 08 15:44

Blogs Clean Up Project Management Messes

Eugene Roman, group president of systems and technology at Bell Canada, knows how to play a blog. An enterprise blog, that is. And he has taught his employees to play a blog so well that they often have "jam" sessions - an internal blog forum where groups of employees discuss new products and work to streamline efficiencies at the $18 billion telecom

Written by C.G. Lynch07 March 08 15:16

Blog: IBM Shows Off Social Software for Business

The press attending Lotusphere viewed some of the software currently in development at IBM's labs today, including two projects aimed at bringing social networks and virtual worlds into the enterprise.

Written by C.G. Lynch23 Jan. 08 13:03

Blog: Should Social Networks Be Banned at Work?

A recent report by Global Secure Systems and Infosecurity Europe UK found that social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Bebo cost businesses as much as 6.5 billion pounds (AU$14 billion) a year in lost productivity, according to an article in the SiliconRepublic.

Written by C.G. Lynch22 Jan. 08 12:27

The Trouble With Online Collaboration Tools

Everyone wants to collaborate using IT. The problem IT leaders cite: A lack of integration among the tools, and frustrated end-users.

Written by C.G. Lynch09 Oct. 07 11:55

Blog: Bookmark it: In This Web Life, How Will You Stay Organized?

As the future of computing continues its migration from the traditional desktop to the web, organizing important applications and other troves of information will become more important than ever. Do you just store it on your browser? Or do you store it somewhere on the web for others to see?

Written by C.G. Lynch24 Sept. 07 10:54

Blog: Closing the Gap: Google Adds Presentation App

When Google Apps started hitting the enterprise market, there were four main problems Curmudgeon Techs had with the web-based suite. In no particular order, they were:

Written by C.G. Lynch19 Sept. 07 11:37

Capgemini will watch your back on Google Apps

Capgemini announced Monday that it will offer services supporting <a href="">Google Apps</a>, bolstering <a href="">Google</a>'s efforts to sell its Web-based software to large businesses and companies with workers like shop-floor personnel who have limited access to corporate systems. This new option could also help companies who want to rein in "rogue" use of Google Apps and bolster security for key documents and e-mail. But don't expect businesses to trade in their <a href="">Microsoft Office</a> suites, say analysts and consultants.

Written by C.G. Lynch10 Sept. 07 17:41