Stories by Morris Kaplan

Reducing debt

The sales and marketing teams and, indeed, the board and CEO are all pointing to growth data and signals from the market that the economy is humming along an presenting more opportunities than they can possibly grasp. Yet the risk of a cash crunch remains.

Written by Morris Kaplan13 March 10 08:55

Capital Raising

The CFO is playing a critical role in rasing capital and capital raising skills are not in the standard class of technical accounting skills

Written by Morris Kaplan13 March 10 08:52

Managing cash flow

After a couple of years in the economic doldrums the CFO, like all business leaders, is looking outward once again and preparing for growth. One item that has remained top of mind is cash flow.

Written by Morris Kaplan13 March 10 08:49

Reducing costs: the CFO's role

Reducing expenses has a more immediate positive affect on the bottom line and is much less expensive to implement than trying to raise the top line by increasing sales

Written by Morris Kaplan08 March 10 10:51

The CFO's role in driving organic business growth

A more conservative growth path based on organic growth is more manageable from the CFO perspective and more in tune with capital adequacy factors

Written by Morris Kaplan08 March 10 10:38

The CFO's role in launching new products

Product development managers, the marketing teams and their mobile warriors selling the company’s products and services, may be the revenue drivers for a company, but all too often the financial assumptions necessary to launch new products are based on overly optimistic expectations.

Written by Morris Kaplan08 March 10 10:05