Stories by Morris Kaplan

When earn outs can hurt

For buyers, an earn-out can offer the owner protection against overpaying for a company that doesn't end up thriving or growing in the way its original owners expected. But caveat vendor: let the vendor beware.

Written by Morris Kaplan08 Aug. 10 17:29

Sprucing up your company’s credit worthiness

Not many CFOs need to worry about Standard & Poor’s ratings but all CFOs at some stage will need to be concerned about the company’s credit worthiness to a range of stakeholders including banks and investors as well as suppliers

Written by Morris Kaplan08 Aug. 10 17:23

Conducting a Risk Assessment

Events like the recent BP oil spill have put CFOs on notice that risk management needs to be front and centre

Written by Morris Kaplan14 July 10 20:50

Corporate Governance

The CFO plays a central role in good corporate governance

Written by Morris Kaplan14 July 10 16:50

Change Management

Managing change is just as important in a post GFC environment

Written by Morris Kaplan14 July 10 16:22

Boards of Advisors

Speak to many successful entrepreneurs and you will hear that apart from the formal Board of Directors (who are charged with compliance, reporting and prudential responsibilities) they will have assembled a Board of Advisors

Written by Morris Kaplan08 June 10 15:22

The CFO's rent-versus-buy conundrum

Sooner or later, many businesses have to consider whether it is better off owning or leasing office space.

Written by Morris Kaplan07 June 10 15:33

SMB Accounting Software Buying Guide

Choosing new accounting software can be a daunting task. CFO World's guide to which small business accounting software you should buy aims to help you in the early stages of the buying process. It includes descriptions of the various types of accounting software out there, including packaged and online or SaaS versions and provides an overview of the Australian small business accounting software market.

Written by Morris Kaplan15 April 10 09:52

Managing outsourcing

Managed successfully, outsourcing can help the business reduce its costs and make effective use of the knowledge and technical resources of another organisation.

Written by Morris Kaplan19 March 10 10:09

CFO and Supply Chain Management

The CFO's skill-set is well suited to employing the supply chain to strategically cut costs and increase profits.

Written by Morris Kaplan19 March 10 10:04

The strategic role of the CFO

The CFO in mid-size companies could well be called upon to play a more strategic role.

Written by Morris Kaplan13 March 10 09:02

Managing acquisitions

Walk through any successful M&A campaign and you will find a CFO – probably a bleary-eyed one!

Written by Morris Kaplan13 March 10 08:58