Stories by Paul Glen

Paul Glen: Motivating the mercenaries

To get your projects done, you'll need to motivate your people to perform, no matter where their loyalties lie.

Written by Paul Glen10 March 14 10:35

Paul Glen: Congratulations, you're your own skills manager

This year's Computerworld reader survey on careers topics indicates that we in IT have turned a corner. And, overall, the new direction is good. With nearly two-thirds of the respondents reporting that they paid for training out of their own pockets, we see that IT has accepted, at least to some degree, the new nature of employment relationships.

Written by Paul Glen16 Dec. 13 22:51

For geeks, avoiding blame is a silent career killer

There's a silent killer attacking the careers of technical people. It runs rampant through organizations, destroying the future job prospects of even the most talented geeks. They end up sidelined, passed over for promotions or laid off. Sadly, this killer can lead us to engage in some self-destructive, dysfunctional behaviors.

Written by Paul Glen07 Oct. 13 13:50

When you've had it with a stakeholder

While you oftentimes just have to live with whatever it is you don't like, some situations call for a more forceful reaction.

Written by Paul Glen17 Sept. 13 16:08

Paul Glen: The hazards of literal listening

Geeks are often told that they are annoyingly literal, which they find confusing and unfair. But their colleagues have another way of listening.

Written by Paul Glen11 March 13 10:18

Build relationships, and career opportunities will follow

Your future success in the IT industry depends on embracing one simple, but hard-to-accept idea: There are no more jobs. I don't mean that there's no more work to do. Of course there is. Nor do I mean that you won't get hired to do things. Of course you will.

Written by Paul Glen17 Dec. 12 16:27