Stories by Peter Young

Queensland govt scores top marks in bioscience

Victoria trails Queensland among state governments that are energetically supporting bioscience and needs to fine-tune its Bio 21 initiative, according to one of the bioIT industry's most unusual executives, Michael Armitage.

Written by Peter Young07 July 03 07:59

The Numbers Game

It's a question that every e-commerce wannabe faces:
How much can I trust the deluge of predictions on how fast Internet commerce will grow?

Written by Peter Young29 Oct. 01 12:22


A swarm of pesky online discounters is eating the lunch of the silvertail sharbroker establishment. The old name firms are fighting back and changing the economics of Australia's retail sharebroking industry in the process.

Written by Peter Young16 Oct. 00 13:00

The Productivity Paradox

Don't judge the excellence of an IT department by how much it spends

Written by Peter Young01 Dec. 99 12:25

Curative Powers

Take a large pot of confusion, stir in a false start or two, add a dash of underdone technology and garnish with conflicting advice from consultants. Bottled under the name electronic commerce, this witches' brew is being sold to corporate Australia as a universal restorative and pick-me-up

Written by Peter Young09 Aug. 99 15:22

Treasure Chest

When Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) discovered that its customers weren't exactly a bunch of happy campers, they really took it personally. Now, at the highest levels QTC is committed to re-inventing itself with customer relationships at the core of its organisational structures.

Written by Peter Young03 May 99 12:58

Winning Ticket

At Golden Casket Lottery number crunching is serious business, and its CIO is always serious about the business

Written by Peter Young02 Feb. 99 12:28

Under Fire

Flying a desk in the rarefied air of the senior executive suite is starting to demand the same skills as piloting a high-performance jet fighter.

Written by Peter Young30 Sept. 98 10:54

Broadcast News

It's long past 1984 and Big Brother isn't watching you - he's talking business

Written by Peter Young28 Jan. 98 14:19

The Big EC

When it comes to engaging in electronic commerce, Brisbane City Council isn't taking a laid-back approach

Written by Peter Young20 Nov. 97 15:51

A Beeline for IT

When change was needed at Capilano Honey, an IT-savvy MD proved to be a real sweetheart

Written by Peter Young23 Oct. 97 10:10