Stories by Mark Hollands

Onward Technology Soldiers!

Advanced Technology Groups are the vanguard in the battle over early technology adoption

Written by Mark Hollands05 May 05 13:39

Devil in the Detail

The road to Hell was paved by enterprise architects

Written by Mark Hollands05 April 05 09:52

Part of the Process

Everyone knows you need to be in it to win it.

Written by Mark Hollands08 March 05 10:35

Flying High

At Qantas IT's all about discipline

Written by Mark Hollands07 Dec. 04 14:48

Penguins Give Me the Shivers

Our intrepid technology observer gives Linux the cold shoulder

Written by Mark Hollands10 Sept. 04 12:49

Amazing Grace

Misery loves company

Written by Mark Hollands06 Aug. 04 10:51

Security Blanket

You're never too old - or too young - for a little security education

Written by Mark Hollands12 July 04 12:04

ITIL Thoughts

Why the push for better governance is rekindling interest in a 15-year-old methodology for improving IT delivery and support

Written by Mark Hollands08 June 04 14:26

A Not-So-Safe Bet

Telstra is no longer odds-on favourite in the race to meet Australia's booming demand for telco services

Written by Mark Hollands10 May 04 14:16

Get a Life(cycle)

Navigating the writes and wrongs of storage management

Written by Mark Hollands07 April 04 14:03

When Worlds Collide

The more technology changes, the more we stay the same. Up to a point

Written by Mark Hollands10 March 04 12:40

Bird on a Wireless

Just how connected do you want to be?

Written by Mark Hollands06 Feb. 04 09:55

Out of the Desert

CIOs could help show the way to a lost and wandering local ICT industry

Written by Mark Hollands09 Dec. 03 10:21