Stories by Mark Hollands

V for Vista

As Microsoft executives stood on a Sydney stage to launch Vista and promising business "efficiency at the desktop", my taxi inched down Melbourne's Russell Street, snared by thousands heading to the MCG demanding workers' rights not efficiency, and protesting against WorkChoice. Ironic. Microsoft and I had something in common. We were both late - 15 minutes in my case, two years in theirs. You know my excuse.

Written by Mark Hollands11 Dec. 06 12:53

Luvely, Luvely Money

In the quest to do everything faster and cheaper, the question "What can technology do for the business?" is usually eclipsed
by "How much does it cost?"

Written by Mark Hollands09 Oct. 06 13:10

The Miracle of Media to Come

Future generations will look back on this era as the time when historic transformation of the media first began

Written by Mark Hollands05 Sept. 06 09:00

Tough at the Top

It's lonely at the top, but CIOs are lonelier than most . . .

Written by Mark Hollands04 Aug. 06 13:15

Avoiding the Bear Trap

CIOs need to be more diligent about managing vendor relationships.

Written by Mark Hollands05 June 06 09:00

100 Not Out

A glance back in CIO's rearview mirror . . .

Written by Mark Hollands03 May 06 11:53

Gone and Forgotten

Remember the good old days? Back when memory referred to - the info that was stored in your brain and not your mobile phone? Me neither . . .

Written by Mark Hollands05 April 06 16:28

Masochistic Predictions

Are CIOs and IT departments facing extinction?

Written by Mark Hollands08 March 06 13:20

Enough Talk

CIOs need to start thinking smarter about collaboration technology and the culture shift it requires

Written by Mark Hollands03 Feb. 06 09:49

Ringing the Changes

Memo to telcos everywhere: the world is changing. Get used to it

Written by Mark Hollands07 Nov. 05 17:46

Goin' Mobile

There's a host of personal devices out there and today's employees expect to use all of them at the office. CIOs had better get used to the idea if they hope to manage it all

Written by Mark Hollands11 Oct. 05 12:05

Over the Borderline

While in Hong Kong, our steely observer discovers that not all mantraps are of the soft and curvaceous ilk

Written by Mark Hollands08 Sept. 05 10:59

Halcyon Days

Like it or not, cybercrime is here to stay . . .

Written by Mark Hollands07 July 05 08:00