Stories by Karen M. Kroll

CFO Bartering Comes of Age

Bartering is growing at up to 10% a year, as more companies learn how they can get value from barter-related cash flow

Written by Karen M. Kroll24 Feb. 12 09:45

Is cockiness a man's C-suite edge?

While women have earned <a href="">more than a third of MBAs</a> awarded in the U.S. for at least a decade, and account for <a href="">three of every five accountants and auditors</a>, they make up <a href="">less than 9% of CFOs</a> within the Fortune 500, according to Catalyst, a nonprofit focused on women in business.

Written by Karen M. Kroll19 Jan. 12 06:18

The CFO as Bank-Account Fraud Buster

By contract, the business generally agrees to abide by reasonable security procedures. If your company experiences a loss and it becomes apparent that its security policies were sub-par, the bank may not be liable for any losses.

Written by Karen M. Kroll08 June 11 10:44

What to Do About the Audit Function?

Over the past few months, several members of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board have expressed concerns about the usefulness of the current audit process.

Written by Karen M. Kroll08 June 11 10:41