Stories by Jared Newman

Things to consider before porting a number to Google Voice

If you're one of the few Google Voice users granted the option to port your existing phone number to the service--congratulations. This new feature is being tested by Google now, and will roll out to all users in the "near future," according to a company spokeswoman.

Written by Jared Newman21 Jan. 11 08:51

More WebOS rumors: What we know so far

The leaked details on HP and Palm's WebOS tablet keep on coming, though HP has said we haven't seen everything yet.

Written by Jared Newman20 Jan. 11 08:55

How HP and Palm's WebOS tablet could 'blow away' iPad

We haven't seen HP hype a tablet since last year's flirtation with Windows 7, but that could change after February 9, when the company has all but confirmed that it will introduce its first WebOS tablet.

Written by Jared Newman15 Jan. 11 07:00

Android 2.4 'Ice Cream' details drip

Okay, sorry about the headline. That'll be my last Android version codename pun for a while, honest.

Written by Jared Newman13 Jan. 11 04:30

MySpace to cut staff in half

MySpace will reportedly lay off more than half of its employees on Tuesday as the website scales back its social networking ambitions.

Written by Jared Newman11 Jan. 11 09:16

Nintendo shows off 3DS augmented reality games

Nintendo's 3DS has another trick up its sleeve for its glasses-free 3D handheld: a deck of augmented reality playing cards included with each game console.

Written by Jared Newman11 Jan. 11 01:54

Nyko brings guns to the Playstation Move's gunfight

Nyko is bringing the Perfect Shot handgun controller -- similar to the one that launched for Wii in 2007 -- to the Playstation Move. The Move controller slides into the top of the gun shell, which rumbles with help from two AA batteries that last about 20 hours. The Perfect Shot will cost US$14.99 when it launches in March.

Written by Jared Newman09 Jan. 11 05:05

Mitsubishi unfurls a 92-inch 3D TV

Mitsubishi expects its 92-inch 3D TV to be the largest consumer television on the market when it launches mid-year -- even if very few consumers can afford it.

Written by Jared Newman08 Jan. 11 13:21

What's new with Samsung's Smart TV

Samsung has beefed up its connected TV platform considerably as it faces threats from Google, Roku and its fellow television vendors.

Written by Jared Newman07 Jan. 11 11:45

Google Chrome makes enterprise push

A business-friendly version of Google's Chrome browser is ready for prime time, the company announced on its Chromium blog.

Written by Jared Newman17 Dec. 10 04:05