Stories by Jared Newman

Samsung rethinks its Galaxy Tab 10.1

Thinner, lighter and faster, Apple's iPad 2 was bound to send some competitors into panic mode.

Written by Jared Newman05 March 11 04:52

Five disappointments with Apple iPad 2

Apple's iPad 2 is the lighter, thinner and faster tablet we were all expecting, but it's no revolution.

Written by Jared Newman03 March 11 11:45

Windows 8 tablet demo rumored for June

Windows 8 tablets are definitely on the way, but a taste of the finished product could be coming sooner than you think.

Written by Jared Newman02 March 11 03:56

Gmail bug deletes e-mails for 150,000 users

The cloud has failed roughly 150,000 Gmail users, whose e-mails have been deleted and accounts disabled by a mysterious glitch.

Written by Jared Newman01 March 11 02:41

Apple's MacBook Pro update: What's new

Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro laptop line Thursday, and it's not just about speeds and feeds this time. With the addition of Intel's Sandy Bridge processor, AMD graphics, Facetime-enabled HD camera and a new high-speed Thunderbolt I/O port (reportedly 12 times faster than Firewire), this year's MacBook Pro update is a significant revamp. Let's take a closer look at what's new in the 2011 MacBook Pro.

Written by Jared Newman25 Feb. 11 03:59

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is ready for download

Bug fixes and security patches don't make for the most exciting Windows update, but they're the high points of Windows 7 Service Pack 1, now widely available for download.

Written by Jared Newman23 Feb. 11 07:32

Google Chrome's new beta: A hands-on tour

The latest beta for the Google Chrome browser is mostly about speed, thanks to a new JavaScript engine and an early taste of GPU-accelerated video.

Written by Jared Newman20 Feb. 11 02:55

Windows Phone 7: What Microsoft needs next

The last week has brought nothing but good news for Microsoft and Windows Phone 7. Between Nokia's hardware commitment, Angry Birds on the way and Microsoft's own announcement of a roadmap for vital features such as multitasking, Windows Phone 7 seems to be catching a second wind in 2011.

Written by Jared Newman17 Feb. 11 05:01

Motorola Xoom Pricing: $600 for Wi-Fi, $800 for 3G

While the 3G version of the Android tablet is looking a bit pricey at $US799, the Wi-Fi version will cost around $600, Motorola Chief Executive Sanjay Jha told Reuters.

Written by Jared Newman17 Feb. 11 06:34

Sony Ericsson outs Xperia Android trio

Sony Ericsson has come out swinging with Android at Mobile World Congress, announcing a trio of Xperia smartphones that might actually be worth your attention.

Written by Jared Newman15 Feb. 11 03:55

Google Instant bans 'BitTorrent' word

What do curse words, porn terms and the word BitTorrent have in common? They're all blacklisted from Google Instant.

Written by Jared Newman28 Jan. 11 03:10