Stories by Jared Newman

iPad comments from HP, Dell sound like sour grapes

I love a good flame war between rival tech companies, but two recent attacks on Apple's iPad by HP and Dell executives failed to stir my emotions, except one: sympathy.

Written by Jared Newman01 April 11 04:37

5 features iOS needs, in order to sway me from Android

With Apple preparing to talk about the future of iOS at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June, and the rumor mill churning, it's time for an old tradition: the iPhone feature wish list.

Written by Jared Newman30 March 11 07:54

Rumored Windows 8 feature: 'History Vault'

While Microsoft prepares Windows 8 for the tablet wars, it's also reportedly taking a page from Mac OS X with a feature called "History Vault."

Written by Jared Newman31 March 11 08:57

Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player: A hands-on tour

Amazon's doing its part to usher in cloud computing with Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. Users get 5 GB of free storage for a general purpose online storage locker and a Web-based music player for desktop computers and Android phones.

Written by Jared Newman30 March 11 03:18

Let's give RIM's PlayBook a chance

Poor Research in Motion. No matter what the company does, it just can't seem to drum up excitement for its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

Written by Jared Newman26 March 11 08:12

Jobs says 'no' to iPhone radiation app

An iPhone app that measures smartphone radiation and offers tips on minimizing absorption has been nuked by Steve Jobs.

Written by Jared Newman25 March 11 07:44

HTC Thunderbolt: Hot and not

HTC's Thunderbolt is the first smartphone to use the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network, and it'll be available on March 17 for $250. The phone has a 4.3-inch display, Android 2.2 and a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, with HTC's Sense interface running on top, but that's not the whole story. Here's what to like and dislike about the HTC Thunderbolt:

Written by Jared Newman16 March 11 02:27

Internet Explorer 9 launch: What you need to know

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 launches tonight at 9 p.m. Pacific, accompanied by a celebratory bash at the South-by-Southwest conference in Austin, Texas. The hoopla might be appropriate, because IE9 is Microsoft's most aggressive attempt yet at hanging onto its lead in the browser market.

Written by Jared Newman15 March 11 07:57

Sorry IE9 & Firefox, here's why I'm sticking with Chrome

The battle of the browsers is heating up this week, with Microsoft announcing a ship date for the final version of Internet Explorer 9, Firefox launching the release candidate of Firefox 4 and Google releasing Chrome 10.

Written by Jared Newman11 March 11 10:11

Internet Explorer 9 launching March 14

No more platform previews, betas, or release candidates: the final version of Internet Explorer 9 is launching on March 14.

Written by Jared Newman10 March 11 08:43

Apple iOS 4.3 landing this week

The Apple rumor mill never runs out of material -- there's always a new story to replace the one that was just proved false.

Written by Jared Newman09 March 11 08:42

Rumor: Sprint tablet, 3D EVO & 4G Nexus S smartphones coming

Sprint has scheduled a March 22 press conference that is expected to span two and a half hours -- and for good reason -- according to Engadget's anonymous tipster: Sprint reportedly plans to reveal the Nexus S 4G and the EVO 3D smartphones, as well as a tablet called the Evo View.

Written by Jared Newman08 March 11 07:41

Galaxy Tab 10.1 'still on schedule'

Last week, Apple's iPad 2 appeared to send Samsung into a panic--one Samsung exec said the company would have to rethink pricing of its upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet and "improve the parts that are inadequate."

Written by Jared Newman08 March 11 08:41