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Tablets take over as iPad owners ignore their laptops

Apple CEO Steve Jobs may have been onto something when he said that "PCs are going to be like trucks," as some tablet owners are reportedly letting their PCs gather dust.

Written by Jared Newman07 May 11 06:41

RIM's Blackberry fights for relevance

Research in Motion rattled off a slew of product updates at its Blackberry World conference Monday, including new Bold smartphones, the Blackberry 7 OS, and a couple of key apps for the Blackberry Playbook tablet.

Written by Jared Newman03 May 11 02:49

4 improvements RIM can make to stop sucking

Research in Motion's having a rough couple of weeks. First, the Blackberry Playbook got panned by critics, snubbed by AT&T and dissed by Verizon Wireless. Now, RIM is angering Wall Street by slashing its Q1 forecast, thanks to weak smartphone sales. It didn't help that a Nielsen survey found Blackberry falling out of favor among consumers as Android desirability grows.

Written by Jared Newman30 April 11 06:30

TomTom caught selling speed data to Dutch Police

As if this week didn't have enough privacy snafus already, GPS maker TomTom now admits that it helped Dutch police set speed traps by selling anonymous user data.

Written by Jared Newman29 April 11 02:20

Google Video: Good riddance

Google Video has been circling the drain for way too long. Good thing Google is finally pulling the plug.

Written by Jared Newman19 April 11 01:06

Can't wait for Firefox 5? Try Aurora now!

The Firefox 5 beta is only a month away thanks to Mozilla's speedy new development cycle, but you needn't wait until then to try the new browser.

Written by Jared Newman15 April 11 07:07

Bing for iPad: Visual tour

Bing's new iPad app strives to be more than just a search engine. Sure, there's a search bar up top, but the app's greatest assets are its other features, including news, weather, and trends. Here's an overview of the main features in Bing for iPad:

Written by Jared Newman08 April 11 07:15

Google won't release awesome facial recognition app

Google has created a facial recognition app that can provide all kinds of personal information on the people around you, but says it's not releasing the technology due to privacy concerns.

Written by Jared Newman02 April 11 03:51