Stories by Jared Newman

How to protect your Dropbox data

Mistakes happen--Dropbox learned this the hard way when it accidentally left some user accounts open to the public for about four hours on Tuesday.

Written by Jared Newman22 June 11 07:57

5 reasons to (still) consider Android over the iPhone, iOS 5

As with past iPhone updates, iOS 5 plays catch-up with Apple's competitors and Android in particular, while adding unique features such as Twitter integration, iMessage, and online storage through iCloud.

Written by Jared Newman14 June 11 00:50

Windows 8 tablet reveal? 4 things we want to see

Next week could be a big one for Microsoft, as it's rumored to show off Windows 8 tablet software for the first time. Sources tell Bloomberg that a prototype Windows tablet will be demonstrated on hardware powered by Nvidia's Tegra processor, but the most important elements, for now, will be software and user interface. Here's what I'd like to see if Microsoft does reveal its tablet strategy at the All Things Digital D9 conference next week.

Written by Jared Newman28 May 11 01:56

Mac Malware is back. Your move, Apple

Apple may have conquered the Mac Defender malware with an official support page and a promise to wipe out the problem through a software update, but that's not stopping malware authors from fighting back.

Written by Jared Newman27 May 11 02:03

Apple's rumoured product reveal: 5 predictions

Out of nowhere, Apple is rumored to reveal a new product over the weekend, sending Apple Stores into lockdown mode on Saturday night to prepare.

Written by Jared Newman18 May 11 05:25

iOS developers threatened with patent lawsuits

A company called Lodsys claims to own four patents covering the in-app purchase mechanism found on iOS devices, and is seeking licensing fees from at least five individual developers. Some developers have received hand-delivered documents threatening patent infringement lawsuits if they don't pay up.

Written by Jared Newman14 May 11 08:05

Facebook backstabs Google and you lose

Thanks to an anti-Google smear campaign ordered by Facebook and carried out by a PR agency, the relationship between Facebook and Google is unquestionably broken beyond repair. And that's bad news for users of both services.

Written by Jared Newman13 May 11 06:54

MS hints at Skype's future, stresses cross-platform support

Microsoft's Skype acquisition will result in voice and video calling blended into lots of existing Microsoft products, but the company also stressed that it'll keep building Skype across other platforms.

Written by Jared Newman11 May 11 04:01