Stories by Jared Newman

Beyond Google Wallet: A look at the competition

Google Wallet is finally here, allowing Sprint Nexus S users to pay with their smartphones at select retailers in New York and San Francisco.

Written by Jared Newman21 Sept. 11 00:02

Ballmer: Microsoft is "reimagining" itself

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a surprise appearance at the end of Wednesday’s BUILD keynote speech, telling the audience that Microsoft is in the process of reimagining itself.

Written by Jared Newman15 Sept. 11 06:37

Windows 8 preview release downloadable tonight

Want to give Windows 8's new look a try? Starting tonight, you'll be able to download a Windows 8 developer preview release straight from Microsoft.

Written by Jared Newman14 Sept. 11 04:03

Windows 8 start menu shows Metro user interface creeping in

Another day, another Windows 8 screenshot exposed by Microsoft. This time, the company has revealed a new start menu that sports the "Metro" user interface found in Windows Phones and elsewhere in Windows 8.

Written by Jared Newman02 Sept. 11 01:47

Google +1 now links to Google+ profiles

The Google +1 button just got a lot more useful -- and a lot more like Facebook's "Like" button -- by adding the ability to share +1 recommendations with other people on Google+.

Written by Jared Newman25 Aug. 11 07:00

Fire sale HP TouchPad: Pros and cons

If you're still looking for a Hewlett-Packard TouchPad at the fire sale price of $99, you still have a few more places to look. But is it worth the effort? After all, HP's decision to stop making WebOS hardware puts the platform in jeopardy, so you may be buying a device whose operating system is, at best, in limbo.

Written by Jared Newman23 Aug. 11 07:24

Samsung: tablet-like device in movie invalidates patent

Here's an interesting defense in the Samsung-Apple patent battle: Samsung claims iPad-like tablets have already been established as "prior art," thanks to a scene in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Written by Jared Newman24 Aug. 11 07:10

Apple iCloud: What it is, and what it costs

With Apple revealing iCloud price details along with the beta version of, now seems like a good time to explain what the service is to anyone who missed Apple's announcement in June.

Written by Jared Newman03 Aug. 11 01:57

Chrome 13 renders pages before you click

The stable version of Google Chrome 13 is now available. It features Instant Pages, which pre-renders top Google search results before the user even clicks on them.

Written by Jared Newman03 Aug. 11 06:48

How Microsoft plans to beat Google with Bing

Bing is a big money-loser for Microsoft, shedding billions of dollars per year, but the company is far from giving up on beating Google in the search engine wars.

Written by Jared Newman02 Aug. 11 01:46

You can finally buy shows on Apple TV

When Steve Jobs introduced the new Apple TV in September 2010, he made a strong case for renting television shows instead of buying them, but now the company is changing its strategy and letting users purchase TV shows as well.

Written by Jared Newman02 Aug. 11 05:27