Stories by Jared Newman

iPhone security flaw shows potential for App Store malware

The iPhone App Store has a reputation for rock-solid security, but that rep took a hit this week when an app that could run unauthorized code and control phones remotely was released to the public.

Written by Jared Newman09 Nov. 11 08:48

New Nook Color: 4 things we want to see

On November 7, Barnes & Noble will likely announce a new Nook Color, replacing the 7-inch e-reader/tablet that launched nearly a year ago.

Written by Jared Newman02 Nov. 11 04:44

HP is ready to get back to business

After a crazy year for HP that included a failed tablet, a hasty decision to abandon the PC business (a decision now abandoned), and a CEO shakeup, the company seems eager to get back to business as usual.

Written by Jared Newman29 Oct. 11 08:12

Android Ice Cream Sandwich: No update for Nexus One

Which each Android update comes the agonizing process of figuring out which phones will actually get the upgrade--and Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich, is no different.

Written by Jared Newman27 Oct. 11 07:52

Early iPhone 4S problems

According to Apple, the iPhone 4S is selling very, very well. But not everyone is having a smooth experience with Apple's latest handset. A handful of issues are causing problems for a subset of users.

Written by Jared Newman18 Oct. 11 08:04

iTunes 10.5 is out: 3 reasons to get it now

Version 10.5 of Apple's iTunes software is available now, just in time for the launch of iOS 5 on Wednesday. The latest version includes the first taste of iCloud and is required before downloading iOS 5.

Written by Jared Newman12 Oct. 11 07:52

Kindle Fire preorders: 95,000 units sold

Amazon's Kindle Fire had a decent first day of preorders, with 95,000 units sold, according to third-party research firm eDataSource.

Written by Jared Newman05 Oct. 11 03:18

MS-Samsung patent deal: Great news for Windows Phones

The success of Samsung's Galaxy S Android phones just became a cash cow for Microsoft, thanks to a patent cross-licensing agreement in which Microsoft gets paid for every Android phone or tablet Samsung sells.

Written by Jared Newman29 Sept. 11 06:53

Apple's iPhone event is on: 5 predictions

Apple will put an end to the rumors and introduce its next iPhone on October 4 - it's already sent out invitations to an iPhone-specific event that will be held at Apple's Cupertino campus.

Written by Jared Newman28 Sept. 11 07:44

New Facebook features: 4 privacy concerns

With Facebook's new Timelines and Open Graph apps, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has advanced his vision of a world that loves to share. Profile pages will soon summarize your life's history, and apps are now able to feed a steady stream of activity to friends and followers automatically.

Written by Jared Newman27 Sept. 11 04:07

Amazon Kindle tablet announcement likely coming Sept. 28

On September 28, the company will hold a press event in New York City, where it'll likely announce a tablet that's smaller but also much cheaper than Apple's iPad. Although the invitation doesn't say what Amazon will be talking about, the company rarely holds press events for anything other than new Kindle hardware.

Written by Jared Newman24 Sept. 11 05:31