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Five reasons I won't be using Ping

Despite all the hardware Apple introduced at its press event Wednesday, the most radical news was Ping, a social network for music that's launching as a feature of iTunes 10. I've taken a brief test drive of Ping to see what it's about, but even before updating iTunes, I knew Apple's new social network was not for me. Here are five reasons I won't be using Ping:

Written by Jared Newman03 Sept. 10 03:08

Bite-sized iPod Nano evidence grows

Apple may be losing its knack for keeping secrets, as rumors of a tiny, square-shaped iPod Nano become more convincing by the day.

Written by Jared Newman01 Sept. 10 04:22

Nokia, Intel Team on 3D Holographic Phone Tech

Remember when Princess Leia's holographic distress call blew you away? Nokia and Intel announced that they'll try to put similar 3D technology on mobile phones.

Written by Jared Newman25 Aug. 10 02:31

Intel's McAfee Buy: 3 Things it Could Mean

With gloomy talk of ever-evolving security threats on the Internet, Intel announced that it's acquiring the antivirus software vendor McAfee.

Written by Jared Newman20 Aug. 10 02:03

With Droid 2, Adobe Flash stakes its claim

Adobe is latching on to the launch of Motorola's Droid 2, reminding the world that Flash 10.1 is here to make the iPhone look silly.

Written by Jared Newman12 Aug. 10 04:17

Time to give up on The Beatles on iTunes

If there was any hope left that The Beatles' music would appear on iTunes in this lifetime, Yoko Ono just killed it.

Written by Jared Newman07 Aug. 10 06:08

A touchscreen iPod Shuffle could be a cool innovation

Is Apple granting touch treatment to the lowliest of iPods, the iPod Shuffle? Maybe, if the rumors are to be believed; and, unlikely as it may seem, a touchscreen iPod Shuffle is actually a good idea.

Written by Jared Newman06 Aug. 10 10:13

Blackberry Torch 9800: Try again, RIM

Research in Motion performed a neat smoke and mirrors trick when introducing the BlackBerry Torch 9800 yesterday.

Written by Jared Newman05 Aug. 10 05:39

What Android's impressive growth means for you

Rather than bore you with an opening line about how Android phones outsold the iPhone last quarter, I'm going to begin with an anecdote:

Written by Jared Newman03 Aug. 10 08:18

Apple's iOS4 issues take center stage

Now that Apple has pacified iPhone 4 customers with free bumper cases to alleviate antenna issues, the company is looking into problems with iOS 4 and the iPhone 3G.

Written by Jared Newman30 July 10 08:00

8 killer Safari 5.01 extensions

Apple's new Safari extension gallery looks a lot like the iOS App Store, populated with colorful icons that hold strange and wonderful things. In case browsing the 100 extensions Apple offers for Safari 5.01 is too much effort, here are eight good ones to get you started:

Written by Jared Newman29 July 10 08:15

4 reasons Apple's Magic Trackpad won't kill the mouse

Apple's multi-touch assault on the desktop continues with the US$69 (AUD$99) Magic Trackpad, a jumbo touch panel that allows desktop Mac users to do away with their mouses and act like they're using MacBook Pros. But just because people can say goodbye to the mouse doesn't mean they will. Here are four reasons not to count out the PC mouse just yet:

Written by Jared Newman28 July 10 02:41