Stories by Jared Newman

Pirate Bay guilty verdict upheld

Three founders of The Pirate Bay lost their appeal to a Swedish court, and are still liable for months of prison time and millions of dollars for copyright infringement.

Written by Jared Newman27 Nov. 10 07:03

Woz bets on Android over iPhone long-term

Steve Jobs may not want to admit that Apple's iPhone will ultimately lose the market to Android, but Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has no such hesitations.

Written by Jared Newman19 Nov. 10 07:34

iPad shows age in Blackberry PlayBook video

Research in Motion is taking shots at Apple with its new Blackberry PlayBook video, in which it shows how the PlayBook's web browser embarrasses the iPad's in speed tests.

Written by Jared Newman17 Nov. 10 08:40

IE9 lags on popular websites: Report

Speed is supposed to be a hallmark of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9, but the head of a Web optimization firm says improvements are negligible on the most popular Websites.

Written by Jared Newman13 Nov. 10 03:07

5 ways Facebook email could threaten Gmail

All signs are pointing to Facebook introducing an email service on Monday. Both TechCrunch and VentureBeat have confirmed the rumors with independent sources.

Written by Jared Newman13 Nov. 10 08:45

Mobile phone sales explode: Five findings

The smartphone boom is in full swing, with twice as many sales last quarter as in the same period last year, according to new research from Gartner.

Written by Jared Newman11 Nov. 10 09:39

Google Instant Preview shows a piece of every page

The idea seems so obvious when you think about it: Instead of showing only text in search results, Google Instant Preview will soon display an image of every website.

Written by Jared Newman10 Nov. 10 04:02