Stories by Chuck Martin

The Key to Better Communication: Shorter Memos

Want your business writing to get attention? Don't waste words, and watch your grammar. People tend to write way too much... so, for example, we had to shorten this article.

Written by Chuck Martin15 Sept. 09 16:13

Personal Time During the Workday

With the amount of work businesspeople face today, the line between work and personal matters can blur.

Written by Chuck Martin15 Sept. 09 16:10

Keys to Retention

To increase employee retention, more business leaders should challenge their subordinates and then leave them alone to do their jobs. And if businesspeople have confidence in their leaders (and are well compensated) they also will be more likely to stay.

Written by Chuck Martin28 March 07 12:06

The Seven Rules of Tough Management

A practical, reasonable and organized way to get to decisions more easily, make the numbers on a consistent basis and increase the business

Written by Chuck Martin04 Sept. 06 10:26

More Detachment Needed During Vacation

Statistics show that more and more executives are unable to disconnect from work during vacation, which should be treated as what it is: a break from work.

Written by Chuck Martin16 Aug. 06 14:58

Buried Alive

Learn to communicate strategically and free yourself from the vast pile of e-mail, voice mail and memos

Written by Chuck Martin03 Aug. 06 10:00

How to Plan for the Short Term

The concept of managing for the short term has traditionally suffered from a stigma when contrasted to the notion of being a long-term visionary thinker. Short term was considered bad, while long term was considered good.

Written by Chuck Martin09 Oct. 02 10:00