Stories by Scot Finnie

Premier 100 are calculated risk-takers

The annual Premier 100 IT Leaders Conference and the accompanying special issue of Computerworld are among this magazine's proudest achievements. This is the Premier 100 program's 13th consecutive year, and with the addition of 2012's class of honorees, the list of <a href="">Premier 100 alumni now includes 1,300 of the sharpest, most successful senior leaders in IT</a>.

Written by Scot Finnie28 Feb. 12 05:17

A running start to 2012

For IT, 2011 was a transitional year. A lot of big things were on the horizon ( data center as a service, for instance), but few of the profound concepts jelled.

Written by Scot Finnie19 Dec. 11 22:09

Steve Jobs' indelible mark on the computer industry

There is unlikely to be another visionary like Apple Chairman Steve Jobs, who died Wednesday at age 56, no one who will have anything approaching his impact on the computer and electronics industries.

Written by Scot Finnie06 Oct. 11 12:32

Getting IT set for mobile

"This business will get out of control. It will get out of control, and we'll be lucky to live through it."

Written by Scot Finnie08 Nov. 10 22:11