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Has Google finally found enterprise religion?

Google has known for some time that the enterprise is where the money is, but it sure hasn't shown it in the past. That looks to be changing.

Written by Scot Finnie20 May 16 06:34

Premier 100 IT Leader: Ram Reddy

Ram Reddy espouses a business-first approach to IT. He believes that business needs must be thoroughly investigated, and business processes charted and understood, before anything else is considered.

Written by Scot Finnie23 Feb. 15 22:42

Scot Finnie: It's all about business value

The initiatives that many of this year's class of <a href="">Premier 100 honorees</a> have handled so well amount to IT 101, really. Building or acquiring IT systems that meet business needs. Implementing technology that supports or enables efficiency, productivity or a financial return on investment. Finding simple, low-cost solutions that can be put in place quickly. Understanding the business need, while making the technology secondary.

Written by Scot Finnie23 Feb. 15 22:42

Out with the old, in with the new

Welcome to the new Computerworld. Before your eyes is a completely reimagined, redesigned and re-architected website. The editors are working with an entirely new suite of content-creation tools. It's a lot of change at once, but we were due. We're very excited about the results. Let's take a quick tour of what's new.

Written by Scot Finnie27 Aug. 14 02:47

Career doors are opening wide everywhere for IT pros

Embrace change. That seems to be the motto of many of this year's Premier 100 honorees. The frozen barriers that once kept IT professionals within the confines of the data center are thawing. For IT workers at many organizations, there's no longer a linear career path to a senior position. The trick is to not shy away from novel experiences, even if you lack demonstrated ability in a new role. Immerse yourself and get up to speed.

Written by Scot Finnie24 Feb. 14 15:20

Scot Finnie: Is Apple OK?

It has stumbled under Tim Cook, and 2013 has been mighty thin in terms of product launches. Can it still do amazing things?

Written by Scot Finnie26 Aug. 13 10:10

Scot Finnie: A call for mobile innovation

A lot more innovation is desperately needed for mobile hardware design and platforms. Are Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft up to the task?

Written by Scot Finnie06 May 13 10:08

This year's Premier 100 honorees are entrepreneurial leaders

The notion that "creativity arises out of the tension between spontaneity and limitations" (as expressed by existential psychologist Rollo May) is what comes to mind when I ponder the many accomplishments of this year's Premier 100 honorees. The limits thrust upon us define how we rise to a challenge.

Written by Scot Finnie25 Feb. 13 16:13

Opinion: Where will IT be in 5 years?

With Computerworld (US) celebrating its 45th birthday this year, I got to thinking: What will the state of IT be in five years?

Written by Scot Finnie22 Oct. 12 14:39