Stories by Gregg Keizer

How Microsoft lost the web

Through a series of missteps and outright neglect, Microsoft essentially handed over the fate of its web browser – and its ability to shape the online world – to rival Chrome. The white flag of surrender was raised this month.

Written by Gregg Keizer29 Dec. 18 22:19

FAQ: How Chrome's ad-blocking works

Google on Feb. 15 turned on the browser ad-blocking feature it's been talking about for a year. Here's how it works and why Google acted.

Written by Gregg Keizer23 Feb. 18 08:19

Chrome to block ads in February

Sites will have to pay an ad coalition to evade a blockade by the world's most popular browser.

Written by Gregg Keizer20 Dec. 17 23:31

Surface revenue does a U-boat, and dives

For the quarter, Surface produced $831 million, some $285 million less than the March quarter of 2016, for the largest year-over-year dollar decline ever.

Written by Gregg Keizer29 April 17 06:09