Stories by Gregg Keizer

FAQ: How Chrome's ad-blocking works

Google on Feb. 15 turned on the browser ad-blocking feature it's been talking about for a year. Here's how it works and why Google acted.

Written by Gregg Keizer23 Feb. 18 08:19

Chrome to block ads in February

Sites will have to pay an ad coalition to evade a blockade by the world's most popular browser.

Written by Gregg Keizer20 Dec. 17 23:31

Surface revenue does a U-boat, and dives

For the quarter, Surface produced $831 million, some $285 million less than the March quarter of 2016, for the largest year-over-year dollar decline ever.

Written by Gregg Keizer29 April 17 06:09

Microsoft stays security bulletins' termination

Microsoft today postponed the retirement of the security bulletins it uses to describe in detail each month's slate of vulnerabilities and patches.

Written by Gregg Keizer15 March 17 07:17