Stories by Susan H. Cramm

The Heart of Persuasion

It's not how much you know, it's what you know about your audience

Written by Susan H. Cramm09 Aug. 05 15:24

Your Work or Your Life

How to overcome the corporate conspiracy that keeps you chained to your job

Written by Susan H. Cramm07 July 05 08:00

A Team Starts with Two

The best way to develop employees is one-on-one coaching, yet too few executives seem interested in making the effort.

Written by Susan H. Cramm08 June 05 14:50

Show Them How

Even perfect execution won't lead to perfect IT. You must encourage business users to develop some IT smarts of their own

Written by Susan H. Cramm05 May 05 13:47

Share Power to Gain Control

Why CIOs should cede the what of IT to business executives and focus instead on the how

Written by Susan H. Cramm05 April 05 09:36

IT: Half Full?

Outsourcing and packaged solutions have hollowed out IT. Yet CIOs still have the opportunity to create competitive advantage - by differentiating customer-facing processes

Written by Susan H. Cramm08 March 05 10:53

Fear of Transparency

Five excuses CIOs make to avoid practising what they preach

Written by Susan H. Cramm06 Oct. 04 13:01

Oh, the Perils of the OCIO

The right way to deploy an Office of the CIO structure

Written by Susan H. Cramm07 April 04 12:44

Ten must dos for 2004

Now that we’re on the other side of the silly season, most businesspeople are feeling refreshed and renewed after their holiday break. Even though we’re now a month into 2004, I’d like to share some insights in the form of New Year’s resolutions.

Written by Susan H. Cramm06 Feb. 04 09:24