Stories by Susan H. Cramm

Good CIOs, Bad Choices

After only three years, Tom, a publishing industry CIO, got the boot. It's amazing that an IT leader with such intelligence and years of experience could mess up so badly in such a short time.

Written by Susan H. Cramm07 Feb. 07 15:50

CIO in the Round

CIOs can push their leadership skills to the next level by using a 360 review to understand what they do well - and to start doing it better.

Written by Susan H. Cramm11 Dec. 06 13:00

A Good Offence Is a Good Defence

Why it pays CIOs to map their plays before a dictate to outsource comes down from on high

Written by Susan H. Cramm06 Nov. 06 12:56

Value? Added

How CIOs can engineer a "tipping point" to speed up adoption of value management practices and prove - once and for all - that IT matters

Written by Susan H. Cramm09 Oct. 06 13:30

Hard Problems, Soft Answers

You know your team is delivering quality, but the organization is not seeing it. Why? Because you're not delivering on your relationships

Written by Susan H. Cramm05 Sept. 06 09:10

The Folly of Finger-Pointing

If individuals don't accept personal responsibility when things go wrong, their organizations will become dysfunctional and stay dysfunctional

Written by Susan H. Cramm04 Aug. 06 12:45

IT's Good News

CIOs need to help their staffers understand that if they can hold on during the tough times, the pay-off is just around the corner

Written by Susan H. Cramm07 July 06 16:58

The Worst Job in IT

Change is unstoppable, and CIOs are climbing aboard. Nice for them. But they risk losing their staff unless they communicate better.

Written by Susan H. Cramm05 June 06 09:00

IT Marketing Smarts

When it comes to selling your organization on IT, it's the people and the product, not the print.

Written by Susan H. Cramm03 May 06 11:58

Survivor: The Organization

Does it really help you to vote people off your IT island? Isn't there a better way to build a staff of top performers? In fact, there is.

Written by Susan H. Cramm05 April 06 16:04

Leaders at All Levels

How to involve everyone in the leadership and management of IT

Written by Susan H. Cramm08 March 06 13:48

Yes with No Regrets

Six keys to lasting alignment with your business partners

Written by Susan H. Cramm07 Nov. 05 17:17

Research You Can Use

Help the IT consultancies understand what kind of research you really need to align with business

Written by Susan H. Cramm11 Oct. 05 09:43