Stories by Susan H. Cramm

Strategy with Oomph

If you had to, which would you choose: to be a great strategic thinker or a great strategy maker? The answer follows the same logic as the question: "Would you rather be smart or rich?"

Written by Susan H. Cramm04 Feb. 08 13:11

Conquering Indecision

You threw what you thought was a pebble into a pond and created ripples that have your conference rooms awash with disagreements, debates and dissension. The new strategy seemed simple enough: Transition to a common system across all operating units in order to enhance supply chain performance

Written by Susan H. Cramm05 Nov. 07 14:02

How to Make Nice

It's amazing how often executives are stymied by their inability to influence others. The typical scenario involves a talented, change-oriented leader who gets a shot at a more visible role. In the process of getting stuff done, he steps on a few (very influential) toes. Over a couple of years, the executive racks up some impressive accomplishments but finds that his success is hindered by the organizational minefields his actions have sown over the years. As a result, the executive tires of the level of effort required to move things forward and decides that it's time to move on

Written by Susan H. Cramm02 Oct. 07 09:40

The Pull of Persuasion

You would think that the executive who consumes, on average, nearly 50 percent of the capital invested by businesses would have a lot of power. You would be wrong

Written by Susan H. Cramm06 Aug. 07 11:37

Be Better Than You Really Are

CIOs, like other executives, often fail in their responsibilities because they don't have the self-awareness and humility to mitigate their weaknesses and avoid overusing their strengths. Very few of us, in fact, are able to see ourselves through the eyes of others. We require some kind of external feedback

Written by Susan H. Cramm12 April 07 15:07

True Colours

In my experience, most people are good. Walk the halls of any company and you will find committed parents, involved community members and hardworking professionals. How then to explain the fact that on a daily basis many of us behave badly, demonstrating such self-defeating behaviours as pessimism, selfishness and insecurity?

Written by Susan H. Cramm03 April 07 13:02

Leadership Under the Influence

IT leadership is never easy, but some people make it harder than it has to be.

Written by Susan H. Cramm05 March 07 12:09