Stories by Rebecca Merrett

CIO Summit 2012: How to attract and retain staff

Finding candidates with the right personality for your team or organisation and retaining them is not always an easy task, but a panel at the CIO Summit 2012 offered some guidance to IT managers on how best to go about it.

Written by Rebecca Merrett20 July 12 12:17

CIO Summit 2012: Getting past IT-business alignment

It’s time for CIOs to move on from an IT-business alignment mentality and start merging with the business, Rob Livingstone, fellow at University of Technology, Sydney, said at the CIO Summit 2012 in Sydney.

Written by Rebecca Merrett20 July 12 09:34

Real-time payment platform still needs strong business case: APCA CEO

A platform where more payments can be made in real time at the bank architecture level may be on its way, but there still needs to be a strong business case for it, according to Australia Payments Clearing Association (APCA) CEO, Chris Hamilton.

Written by Rebecca Merrett18 July 12 12:34

Q&A: Suncorp Life CIO, Fiona Floyd

As a mentor with Females in IT and Telecommunications (FITT), Suncorp Life CIO Fiona Floyd knows how important it is to get the gender balance right, and to embrace diversity in IT.

Written by Rebecca Merrett16 July 12 14:48

Addressing gender imbalance in the IT industry: Kaylene O’Brien

To address the gender imbalance in IT, the industry needs to rid its “geeky kind of boy’s job” image and better promote the diversity of IT careers to attract women into the industry, said Kaylene O’Brien, a technology partner at Deloitte Consulting.

Written by Rebecca Merrett10 July 12 14:50

CIOs need to show leadership in reducing ICT energy costs, says Ovum

Today is the day the Carbon Tax goes into effect, with many people and organisations bracing themselves for a hike in energy costs. But instead of waiting to get “wrapped up in ‘carbon red tape’”, CIOs need to step up and show leadership in reducing ICT energy costs for their organisations, says Ovum Australian and New Zealand research director, Steve Hodgkinson.

Written by Rebecca Merrett01 July 12 09:00

Banks slow with payment tech innovation: mHITs CEO

When it comes to innovative payment technologies, banks have got quite a lot of catching up to do, according to Harold Dimpel, CEO of mobile payment technology company mHITs Limited.

Written by Rebecca Merrett14 June 12 16:40

The hidden costs of BYOD

Before plunging straight into bring-your-own-device (BYOD), it is important to be aware of some of the unforeseen costs associated with managing and running BYOD schemes.

Written by Rebecca Merrett05 June 12 14:34

IT skills shortage solution in industry's hands?

Westpac chief information officer, Clive Whincup, has called on the IT industry to make a concerted effort to change perceptions about IT careers, as well as work more closely with educational institutions, to help address the looming IT skills gap in Australia.

Written by Rebecca Merrett31 May 12 13:47

Staying connected with customers during tough times: Insurance CIOs

Insurance companies have looked to social media, online and collaboration tools to help them stay connected with customers, according to chief information officers who discussed this at a recent CSC Connect event in Sydney.

Written by Rebecca Merrett17 May 12 11:10

Will the Budget 2012-13 boost jobs in IT?

Chief executive of IT recruitment company Peoplebank, Peter Acheson, isn't predicting a "boom" in IT employment but suspects IT employment will grow as a result of the budget.

Written by Rebecca Merrett09 May 12 16:03

Q&A: Indigenous Land Corporation CIO, Tim Price

Tim Price has been chief information officer of Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) since 2007. He was previously geographical information systems officer for ILC before becoming CIO, and has been with the organisation for 13 years.

Written by Rebecca Merrett05 April 12 14:15

Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race fans track progress in real time

Fans of the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race, which takes place every year during the Easter long weekend, will be able to watch the race in real time on the TracerTrak website thanks to satellite tracking devices fitted to participating yachts.

Written by Rebecca Merrett05 April 12 10:55

Aussie panel group talks enterprise social network usage at Yammer on Tour

How can organisations really get value in terms of usage out of enterprise social networks? A panel discussion group at the recent Yammer on Tour event in Sydney discussed the different ways their organisations are using enterprise social networks (ESN) and how to engage the organisation into the network.

Written by Rebecca Merrett29 March 12 12:56