Stories by Lynda Radosevich

ISSUES AT LARGE - Personnel Connections

By moving select HR functions onto the Web, a growing number of companies are discovering the benefits of letting employees help themselves.

Written by Lynda Radosevich21 Dec. 98 13:58

ISSUES AT LARGE - Smells Like Team Spirit

More and more, companies need to blend in-house staff with outside contractors. Here's what to do when part of your team doesn't really feel like part of the team.
Includes "Eight steps for achieving a blended workforce"

Written by Lynda Radosevich09 Nov. 98 13:07

I'm Okay. Euro Okay?

If you thought the year 2000 problem was your only IT worry, think again. A new currency brought to you by a unionised Europe may very well rock the business world and your company's IT systems

Written by Lynda Radosevich01 July 98 12:04