Stories by Christopher Lindquist

Those Incredible Shrinking Servers

Done well, consolidation and virtualization can cut computing costs while improving performance

Written by Christopher Lindquist04 Aug. 06 13:39

Fixing the Requirements MESS

The requirements process - literally, deciding what should be included in software - is destroying projects in ways that aren't evident until it's too late. Some CIOs are stepping in to rewrite the rules.

Written by Christopher Lindquist03 Feb. 06 11:44

Are You Ready for Web Services?

Building Web services is not simply about buying technology. Nor is it just about defining business needs. Introducing Web services to your enterprise demands a deep understanding of your business culture and processes.

Written by Christopher Lindquist12 Dec. 05 11:45

The Advantages of Working Dangerously

Early adopters of new IT and customers of start-up vendors can win competitive advantage and other treasures, but only
if they look before they leap

Written by Christopher Lindquist08 Sept. 05 13:35

Watch Carefully

New monitoring and tracking technologies, plus a wary workforce, can spell trouble for CIOs who forget they're dealing with people - not applications. Here's how not to mess up.

Written by Christopher Lindquist08 June 05 12:30

It's Raining Code! (Hallelujah?)

As open-source development options proliferate, CIOs are finding ways to make it work for their organizations

Written by Christopher Lindquist04 April 05 14:23

Future Humans

The corporate culture issues surrounding the arrival of a new application can be daunting. The ethical dilemmas around RFID can be polarizing. But within the next few decades, CIOs are going to face something that will make such problems seem juvenile - the issues surrounding human enhancement.

Written by Christopher Lindquist06 Oct. 04 12:20

The Executive's Guide to Utility Computing

Pay-as-you-go computing means a lot of things to a lot of people.
Use our pass-along guide to explain to your CEO what it is - and is not.

Written by Christopher Lindquist05 Oct. 04 23:02

True Grid

Long the domain of scientists and engineers, grid computing is finally going mainstream. CIOs need to examine their applications to see if their businesses can benefit from grid's power and economies

Written by Christopher Lindquist12 July 04 12:36

The CIO Web Transaction Diet

You gained a lot of customers during the Internet boom. Now every time they use your site, especially when they don't buy anything, they're inflating your operating expenses. Here's how to shed those unwanted costs and reveal a slimmer, more profitable you

Written by Christopher Lindquist10 May 04 11:44

Model Hacker Behaviour

Forget about patches. Researchers at the Florida Institute of Technology are looking for ways to fight hackers by modelling their methods, or “exploits”.

Written by Christopher Lindquist07 April 04 11:58

Death to Drivers

Connectivity | At one time or another, device drivers have likely been the bane of your existence.

Written by Christopher Lindquist10 March 04 12:06

Security Supergroup

Carnegie Mellon's CyLab combines experts into an information security powerhouse.

Written by Christopher Lindquist06 Feb. 04 10:05

Five Uneasy Pieces

CIO casts a sceptical eye on some of the most talked about tech trends.

Written by Christopher Lindquist11 June 02 11:27