Stories by Edward Prewitt

Getting from Oranges to Apples

Harvard professor Howard Gardner says it is possible to get others to see things differently; but it takes perseverance and finesse.

Written by Edward Prewitt08 June 04 10:20

A Survival Guide For New Leaders - How to Smooth Leadership Transitions

“Sink or swim” is a much-loved cliche in business, but it isn’t a viable approach for the half-million managers and executives who start new jobs at Fortune 500 companies each year, says Harvard Business School associate professor Michael Watkins.

Written by Edward Prewitt06 Feb. 04 09:32

GM’s Matrix Reloads

How an org chart can inspire internal competition, drive process efficiencies and make a business more competitive.

Written by Edward Prewitt08 Oct. 03 10:30

Disruption is Good Ignoring it is Bad

The Harvard Business School professor talks about how CIOs can recognise disruptive innovations and rally their companies to take action.

Written by Edward Prewitt07 May 01 14:12