Stories by Michael Schrage

Pilot Pathology

A global financial services firm - you probably have this company's card in your wallet - has an amazing track record with its technology pilots. They almost never fail.

Written by Michael Schrage09 Dec. 02 14:03

Go Full Circle

A 360-degree review process gathers feedback from multiple constituencies, including the business consumers of IT services. Every management team I know that's implemented one whines and moans about how painful and time-intensive the process is. Then again, every single group that's gone through that agony more than once asserts that the feedback is superior to traditional top-down one-on-one job reviews.

Written by Michael Schrage11 Nov. 02 11:00

Beyond Ideas

There's no shortage of brilliant ideas in IT. On the contrary, we enjoy an embarrassment of riches. Ever faster, better and cheaper technology creates ever faster, better and cheaper choices for both CIOs and the enterprise. Even in the grip of a capital expenditures slowdown, we still have more innovative opportunities than we know what to do with. That's the good news about this business.

Written by Michael Schrage09 Oct. 02 09:45