Stories by Michael Schrage

The Virtues of Chitchat

A modest proposal for using blogs to keep IT teams and management up to date on implementation

Written by Michael Schrage08 June 04 14:56

Now You See It Now You Don't

In a world in which partners are privy to each other's data, the challenge will be how to collaborate without sacrificing competitive advantage.

Written by Michael Schrage10 May 04 14:23

The Metrics Trap

Too many CIOs judge implementations by measuring the technical capacity of a project, instead of considering how it has improved their companies' business.

Written by Michael Schrage07 April 04 13:54

What Goes On Behind Your Back

Your company may outsource IT, but your business units will build their own IT systems anyway. Here's how to make sure you stay in the loop

Written by Michael Schrage10 March 04 12:35

A Memo from the Future

Six years from now, CIOs may have their heads handed to them - unless they play their cards right

Written by Michael Schrage06 Feb. 04 09:35

Time to Brand Your IT?

Conducting an exercise in branding could help you manage user expectations and improve your department's image

Written by Michael Schrage09 Dec. 03 12:40

Why IT Really Does Matter

Businesses can indeed differentiate themselves through IT. It's all a question of how they manage the technology

Written by Michael Schrage11 Sept. 03 12:52

Squeeze Now, Pay Later

A wounded vendor may turn around and bite the CIO who squeezes it too hard

Written by Michael Schrage07 Aug. 03 11:04

Big Brother

With more and more corporate transactions going network, a company's ability to cheaply and thoroughly audit itself leaps by orders of magnitude

Written by Michael Schrage14 July 03 10:46

The Voodoo Economics Behind Utility Computing

The whole marketing idea behind information utilities is that their data and transactions - much like water and electricity - are available whenever you need a sip or want a jolt

Written by Michael Schrage11 June 03 14:19

What Price Security?

Unlike virtually every other facet of network economics, computer security doesn't enjoy economies of scale

Written by Michael Schrage07 May 03 09:54

Build the Business Case

Extracting value from the customer’s customer is no easy task.

Written by Michael Schrage11 April 03 12:52

Worst Practice

The practice of solving problems by importing best practice is not a best practice.

Written by Michael Schrage10 March 03 12:04

Support Users

If IT ducks responsibility for training users, it gives up control of innovation.

Written by Michael Schrage05 Feb. 03 15:27