Stories by Michael Schrage

Contract Sadness

Too many CIOs cut enterprise software deals that look fabulous to the CEO and CFO but commit the people who do the real work to a nightmare of unrealistic expectations

Written by Michael Schrage11 Oct. 05 09:48

Feedback Worth $50 Million

If you don't make it easy for your customers to offer ideas about how your company can improve its services, they may just give those ideas to your competitors

Written by Michael Schrage08 Sept. 05 10:47

IT's Hardest Puzzle

Getting people to use a new system correctly is much harder than getting it up and running. And much more important.

Written by Michael Schrage09 Aug. 05 15:09

Buttressing the Business

CIOs should stop trying to achieve buy-in for IT initiatives and start helping business colleagues sell the projects themselves

Written by Michael Schrage07 July 05 08:00

Lights, Camera, IT Action!

If CIOs are serious about alignment, they might want to encourage their staffs to pick up video cameras and record users in action

Written by Michael Schrage08 June 05 14:25

Ignoring the Obvious

You have to know what questions to ask about your business before you can install a successful IT system. Just ask the FBI

Written by Michael Schrage05 May 05 13:36

Ethics, Shmethics

CIOs should stop trying to do the "right thing" when implementing IT and focus instead on getting their implementations right

Written by Michael Schrage05 April 05 09:01

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Having the courage to fire the right person at the right time can be the most cost-effective way to improve an IT implementation

Written by Michael Schrage07 March 05 10:47

Connect Demand with Supply

The CIO's next big challenge will be figuring out how to bridge the company's sometimes conflicting CRM and SCM objectives

Written by Michael Schrage07 Dec. 04 14:50

Naked Goes the Enterprise

The pressure for greater enterprise transparency is coming from all directions. CIOs can't resist the concept; they can only manage the execution. And they'd better do it well

Written by Michael Schrage08 Nov. 04 11:30

If You Build It, Will They Come?

KPI digital dashboards might just be the next priority for CIOs. But how many CEOs really want all that real-time data anyway?

Written by Michael Schrage06 Oct. 04 10:36

The Struggle to Define Agility

Successful companies know there are times when agility is called for and times when it's not

Written by Michael Schrage10 Sept. 04 14:52

Meet Your New Boss

Reporting to the CFO rather than the CEO is different. And once you swallow your pride, it can be better - for you, for your enterprise

Written by Michael Schrage06 Aug. 04 10:55

Hiding Behind Certification

An overreliance on IT sheepskins is a recipe for disaster

Written by Michael Schrage12 July 04 12:52