Stories by Michael Schrage

The People Thing

At Microsoft's CEO Summit this May, Bill Gates took a few moments to talk about time management. He noted that, somehow, his calendar seemed to be filled with commitments that - upon reflection - only seemed like a good idea at the time. In retrospect, he had been foolish to make them

Written by Michael Schrage05 Nov. 07 13:55

Power to the Users

After a working lunch at a workshop, a senior IT manager at a global telecommunications company approached me with a problem. Over the course of several mergers, acquisitions and reorgs, his firm now had three work-order processing systems.

Written by Michael Schrage19 June 07 09:45

The Race to Innovation

Collaborate or compete? That's a core strategic question for organizations seeking margins and market share. When are they better off energetically competing against their rivals? When are they wisest to collaborate and cooperate? That strategic question is even more important for the internal IT marketplace. CIOs have to determine what will better drive desirable results: more collaboration within their IT shops or encouraging smarter competition. The "correct" answer, of course, is "both". Good luck

Written by Michael Schrage02 April 07 13:14

Are You in Control?

Innovation demands discipline as much as it requires freedom

Written by Michael Schrage11 Dec. 06 12:42

Digital Subversives

Are employees compromising security by bringing consumer tech into the enterprise? Perhaps, but if you use too heavy a hand to stop them, you'll be fighting a losing battle

Written by Michael Schrage06 Nov. 06 12:25

Process Pantomime

When form substitutes for substance, you have an IT leadership problem

Written by Michael Schrage09 Oct. 06 14:22

The Right Question

If perception helps define reality, then asking your customers how they perceive IT innovation is a simple and inexpensive way to focus your efforts

Written by Michael Schrage05 Sept. 06 09:00

Visibility for the Board

With boards of directors under increased scrutiny by regulators and other entities, CIOs should consider creating a digital dashboard that gives them a view into the key performance indicators of the business

Written by Michael Schrage04 Aug. 06 12:42

Gifts that Keep on Giving

As top investment banks have discovered, giving away software tools to key customers and suppliers can save both of you lots of time and money

Written by Michael Schrage07 July 06 16:55

The Hammer of Consensus

When a committee is charged with achieving unanimity, the force of its decisions is multiplied

Written by Michael Schrage05 June 06 09:00

The Value Inside

CIOs should be treating success with an application as an invitation to see what else the software can do for their business

Written by Michael Schrage01 May 06 11:31

Is Offshoring Coding Yesterday's Fad?

Outsourcing your code development makes a lot less sense with the radical changes in the way innovators now create software

Written by Michael Schrage05 April 06 16:48

Do You Believe in the Backlog Fairy?

CIOs may think that backlogs are their biggest pain point. But the real cause of IT failure is mismanaged expectations.

Written by Michael Schrage08 March 06 13:22

Innovation Alchemy

One of the most important things CIOs can create is the right mix of healthy environment and reliable process in order to foster innovation

Written by Michael Schrage12 Dec. 05 13:15

The Key to Innovation: Overcoming Resistance

CIOs should be investing less time in brainstorming good ideas and more time in targeting the sources of resistance to change.

Written by Michael Schrage07 Nov. 05 17:40