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Prepare for the PMP exam part 8: Getting recertified

Congratulations! You passed the Project Management Institute's PMP exam, and you're now a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)! Unfortunately, your PMP certification does not last for life. After three years, it will expire unless you take steps to get recertified.

Written by Cornelius Fichtner07 Dec. 10 07:12

Prepare for the PMP exam part 7: Exam day logistics

You have devoted months to studying for the PMP exam. You've spent hard-earned money on study materials and classes, and you've sacrificed your social life all in the name of earning your PMP certification. Don't blow all that time, money and effort by failing to prepare for exam day logistics: Understand the check-in process at the test center; know what identification you need to bring; and always, expect the unexpected.

Written by Cornelius Fichtner30 Nov. 10 03:50

Prepare for the PMP exam part 6: Using practice tests

Just like a competitive athlete, a PMP candidate sets out a training course with the actual test as the final event of that preparation. Preparing for the PMP Exam is less like a 100-meter sprint than a marathon because preparing and passing the exam is an accomplishment in itself. The certification can make a significant difference, exponentially, from the day "PMP" follows your name.

Written by Cornelius Fichtner23 Nov. 10 06:57

Prepare for the PMP exam part 5: Tips, techniques

Studying for the exam toward PMP certification requires a tremendous amount of time and diligence. This is not a test you can pass by "cramming" with one overnight study session. I know many project managers who have devoted two hours a day for three months toward studying for the PMP exam. I am one of them.

Written by Cornelius Fichtner16 Nov. 10 06:17

Prepare for the PMP exam part 4: Study materials

The PMP exam is a four-hour test with 200 multiple-choice questions that cover concepts from the Project Management Institute's (PMI's) Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide). Some PMPs have described the exam as gruelling, and most will tell you that it takes a considerable amount of studying to pass it successfully.

Written by Cornelius Fichtner09 Nov. 10 09:07

Prepare for PMP exam part 1: Assess your eligibility

Project management remains one of the hottest career options for IT professionals. CIOs report quarter after quarter that project management skills are among the most sought after IT skills for their organizations.

Written by Cornelius Fichtner20 Oct. 10 06:04