Stories by Robert McMillan

Red Hat Linux Gets Top Govt Security Rating

Red Hat Linux has received a new level of security certification that should make the software more appealing to some US government agencies.

Written by Robert McMillan18 June 07 10:13

Google at odds with the locked-down enterprise

Security has been a bit of a black art at Google. Unlike rival Microsoft, which publishes detailed information on its monthly patches and has openly evangelized the steps it takes to secure software, Google has generally been quiet when it comes to talking about security and it has kept the team that keeps Google's Web sites secure under wraps. Douglas Merrill, Google's vice president of engineering and chief information officer explains what Google gets from its security investments, and why his company believes that locking down the enterprise PC is not the way to go.

Written by Robert McMillan06 June 07 10:43

HP snoops plead not guilty in pretexting case

The three private investigators charged in Hewlett-Packard's spying scandal have pleaded not guilty to felony charges in the affair.

Written by Robert McMillan11 Oct. 06 11:14

HP's email tracer in widespread use

The tracer software that Hewlett-Packard investigators used to try to sniff out boardroom leaks sounded like it had been ripped from the pages of a bad science-fiction novel. That is, until the company began talking about it in detail at a congressional probe into the spying scandal.

Written by Robert McMillan10 Oct. 06 08:17

CIO who brought OpenOffice to Massachusetts resigns

The state government official who had been moving Massachusetts away from Microsoft Corp.'s digital document formats has resigned. Peter Quinn, Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will quit his position, effective Jan. 9, according to an internal memo obtained by the IDG News Service.

Written by Robert McMillan29 Dec. 05 02:45

Coming to US Universities: Services science

Over 40 years after Purdue University established the first department of computer science in the U.S., a whole new field of study is about to emerge in colleges and universities throughout the country, according to a researcher at IBM Corp.'s Almaden Research Center, who believes that students could begin to receive doctorate degrees in the field of "services sciences" in 10 years time.

Written by Robert McMillan11 Oct. 04 11:06

Sun plans per-citizen pricing for governments

Taking the per-employee pricing model it introduced last September a great leap forward, Sun has said it's readying a per-citizen licensing plan for countries using its Java Enterprise System and Java Desktop System software.

Written by Robert McMillan09 March 04 07:16

IBM, Brazilian government launch Linux effort

Brazil has become the latest country last week to show its support for Linux. Following moves by the U.K. and Russia, the government of Brazil announced Friday that it has signed a letter of intent with IBM Corp. pledging to develop initiatives that will promote the use of Linux in the Latin American country.

Written by Robert McMillan13 Oct. 03 08:00