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Top 10 data center predictions: IDC

The global data center market will transform over the next few years as companies modernize their data center facilities, shift to more software-defined infrastructure, and adopt more autonomous IT infrastructure.

Written by Ann Bednarz19 Dec. 17 22:00

Micro-modular data centers set to multiply

Edge computing is driving demand for micro-modular data centers, which are prefabricated IT facilities encapsulated in their own protective shell. Climate controls, power distribution and network connectivity are built into the units, along with physical security, fire suppression, shock absorption, and protection from electromagnetic interference.

Written by Ann Bednarz30 Nov. 17 01:40

Life as an IT contractor

The upside of life as an IT contractor is alluring. You get to be your own boss, accept only the jobs you want, and work flexible hours. With each assignment comes the opportunity to learn new skills and gain exposure to different environments. But there are obvious sacrifices – job security and paid vacations, for starters.

Written by Ann Bednarz29 June 17 03:35

Tools that increase IT efficiency pave the way for digital transformations

Inflexible IT architectures can be a barrier to organizational change. As companies embark on digital transformations aimed at improving their business, the pressure is on IT to reduce complexity and increase the efficiency of enterprise systems and applications.

Written by Ann Bednarz26 June 17 23:51

10 happiest cities for CIOs

Robert Half Technology surveyed 2,500 CIOs in 25 metropolitan areas. Respondents from 10 cities reported above-average happiness, with Miami hosting the most content IT chiefs.

Written by Ann Bednarz23 Feb. 17 03:35

13 tech jobs that pay $200k salaries

Which IT roles earn the biggest salaries? Thirteen tech jobs can pull in salaries of $200,000 or more, according to new data from IT staffing firm Mondo.

Written by Ann Bednarz09 Feb. 17 03:36

7 hiring trends for 2017

Hiring is a challenge for CIOs, and it won’t get much easier in the coming year, particularly for IT departments that are trying to fill key security and networking roles.

Written by Ann Bednarz09 Dec. 16 22:00

Top reasons for network downtime

New research paints a fairly bleak picture of network performance. Outages are frequent. Hours typically pass before an issue is reported and resolved. Protective measures are manual and error prone.

Written by Ann Bednarz18 Nov. 16 21:00

37% of IT pros to look for new jobs in 2017

More than half of IT pros believe they’re underpaid, yet only 24% expect a salary increase greater than 5% in 2017, and only 12% expect a promotion, according to Spiceworks’ 2017 Tech Career Outlook.

Written by Ann Bednarz15 Nov. 16 03:00

Speed to drive CIO agenda in 2017

CIOs will be under pressure to deliver new products and services at a fast pace. Tech spending will increase a modest 2.9% in 2017.

Written by Ann Bednarz04 Nov. 16 08:38