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Investors throw US$52 billion at Apple, are Apple bonds a good investment?

Despite having US$145 billion in the bank, Apple has decided to reach out to the debt market to offer $17 billion in bonds in order to pay money back to investors. Why would Apple need to go to such lengths and what does it mean to investors? We answer your questions.

Written by Karen Haslam02 May 13 12:57

What's happening to Apple's share price?

Apple's share price has declined to $US392.05, wiping 44.16 per cent or $US310.05 of the value of each AAPL share since September 2012 (the stock closed at $US702.10 on September 19), and dropping to its lowest level since December 2011. In the first quarter of the year Apple was one of the worst performers of the S&P 500 in what is being described as a crisis among investors.

Written by Karen Haslam21 April 13 21:41

iPad saves Greece $140B

The company tasked with managing the debt restructuring of Greece devised a process that used iPads because it enabled the decision makers to have access to the necessary tools and secure connections when on the road.

Written by Karen Haslam25 May 12 11:18

Apple television may just be a transparent screen, report

Apple may have a far more clever plan to take on the living room than just creating an Apple television set. One report discusses the idea that Apple will instead sell transparent screens with a glass bezel that you can fix to the wall in every room of your house.

Written by Karen Haslam05 May 12 03:48

Apple television will launch in 2014, analyst

Apple will not launch its smart television in 2012, according to an analyst. However, the analyst thinks that a "full-fledged" TV is on its way and could arrive in 2014. In the meantime we can expect great things from the Apple TV set top bow.

Written by Karen Haslam04 May 12 04:26

Analyst says Apple could hit $1,200 a share

Last week two analysts predicted that Apple's shares could hit $1,001. Now an analyst has raised that figure to $1,200 based on sales of iPhones and iPads. However, where the other analysts specified that the $1,001 mark would be broken within 12 months, O'Gorman hasn't specified a time frame.

Written by Karen Haslam24 April 12 11:18