Stories by Fran Molloy

Finding common ground with your CEO

With technology now at the core of most business transactions, the relationship between CIO and CEO is assuming an increasing significance.

Written by Fran Molloy11 Oct. 13 11:01

Making friends with your COO

One of the most significant relationships at a corporate executive level is that between a company’s CIO and the chief operating officer (COO). While each has a distinct rationale and focus, the two roles are more similar than you’d think and both face increasing pressures to drive innovation and business growth.

Written by Fran Molloy14 June 13 14:20

Mixing with marketing: The CIO-CMO partnership

There’s a new synergy happening in the boardroom, and while some CIOs are left floundering by fast-shifting demands for them to become more agile, customer-responsive and creative, most are finding that they have more in common with their new best mate, the chief marketing officer, than they ever suspected.

Written by Fran Molloy22 April 13 09:27

What the CEO wants from the CFO

The relationship between a CEO and their key offsider, the CFO, is critical for business success. We asked four top Australian CEOs what they needed from their ideal CFO. Fran Molloy reports.

Written by Fran Molloy24 Sept. 12 15:50