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How to Staff Up for Security

Last year, David Saul, executive vice president and CIO of commercial insurer Zurich North America, pulled a dozen IT staffers away from their daily tasks to combat a virus that was attacking the company's firewalls. They did a good job limiting the damage, but it took two days - two days in which other work did not get done. Next time, Saul hopes to be ready to respond before a threat surfaces. "We want to be in a safety zone that doesn't require that kind of immediate mobilisation," he says.

Written by Eric Berkman06 Sept. 02 10:30

How to Practise Safe b2b

IT and security leaders spell out their security requirements for their online partners and explain how they make sure their partners comply.

Written by Eric Berkman08 July 02 12:00

How to Use the Balanced Scorecard

You can't tell when you're winning if you don't keep score. The Balanced Scorecard helps track your hits and misses.

Written by Eric Berkman11 June 02 11:30

Enterprise Value Awards - Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car's decision to enable insurance companies to book, extend and pay for replacement rentals online has helped it gain command over the market for auto rental replacements. The company has streamlined a once-cumbersome process, making it cheaper and easier for its insurance customers to serve their policyholders, and driving more of their business to Enterprise.

Written by Eric Berkman05 Feb. 02 12:00

Next Stop: Centralisation

It was in, it was out, and now it's back and better than before. Is it time for your company to get on board?

Written by Eric Berkman12 Nov. 01 10:05

Stamps Of Approval

Security is the biggest concern for anyone engaged in e-business, no doubt about it. However, it's no longer a matter of whether companies have security--if they don't, they won't be in business long--but just how effective that security is.

Written by Eric Berkman09 March 01 11:35

Heartbreak Hotels

Alignment doesn't come easy, especially in an industry built on human contact. In this story:
Realise the unique alignment challenges facing the hospitality industry
Learn what is being done to better align hospitality IT and business objectives
Determine how far the industry still has to go to get IT and business in sync

Written by Eric Berkman02 Feb. 01 13:34

Why We're Still Talking About Alignment

The stormy relationship between business and IT has been a hot topic for decades. But while the gap is closing, it's still there, and still wreaking havoc. And that's . . .

Written by Eric Berkman24 Jan. 01 13:12

Shark Repellent

How CIOs can help keep their companies out of court and the lawyers at bay.

Written by Eric Berkman17 Nov. 00 11:24

Don't Lose Your Mind Share

Hill & Knowlton tackles knowledge sharing across global and corporate lines.

Written by Eric Berkman13 Oct. 00 10:47