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Researchers at Xerox PARC developed a knowledge-management system to help service technicians discover and solve problems on the road. Xerox may have trouble at the top, but it's learning to manage knowledge from the bottom up.

Written by Meg Mitchell22 March 01 15:07

The Sixth Man

How one CIO became a key player for his executive team

Written by Meg Mitchell22 May 00 10:31

Let There Be CRM

How this 102-year-old manufacturing company came to see its customers in a whole new light

Written by Meg Mitchell04 April 00 14:41

Law in Order

One law firm strives to transform scattered file cabinets into an online knowledge-sharing system

Written by Meg Mitchell03 April 00 09:18

Inteview: The Cult of Busyness

Move over, caffeine and nicotine; there's a new addiction in town. Canadian career self-management expert Barbara Moses suggests that the latest bad habit to hit turn-of-the-century society is busyness.

Written by Meg Mitchell12 April 99 15:48

Interview: F Warren McFarlan

Harvard Business School's F Warren McFarlan on enterprise business value

Written by Meg Mitchell01 Feb. 99 12:37


Column: Enterprise: Learning Curve; Knowledge management is a critical part of doing business in today's economy.

Written by Meg Mitchell30 Nov. 98 14:44

TRENDLINES: Enterprise: Finance, R.I.P.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. A study by The Hackett Group predicts that the finance function will undergo a fate similar to communism in Russia, largely because of the very technology that helped put finance on the map in the first place.

Written by Meg Mitchell26 Oct. 98 11:00