Stories by David Gee

Interview: Daniel Alexiuc, The Living Room of Satoshi

David Gee talks to The Living Room of Satoshi’s founder, Daniel Alexiuc, about the digital currency landscape, why regulators are having trouble with Bitcoin, and impediments to its uptake in the future.

Written by David Gee09 April 15 13:10

Everyone loves a good hack

In this age of cyber security concern, it is amusing that the word “hack” has entered our lexicon. The word has never had a positive connotation and in my view, it’s always a negative. In golf parlance, a “hacker” is not a description that one ever wants to be labeled with.

Written by David Gee12 Dec. 14 09:32

Follow the ‘yellow brick road’ to innovation

Organisations across all industries are undergoing technology-led transformations. More than ever, CIOs need to reflect and ask themselves one question: What is my value to the business?

Written by David Gee19 Nov. 14 13:09

Who’s eating your lunch?

Don't be the 'bad cop' on innovation. Work with the business to create and deliver agile digital solutions as quickly as possible.

Written by David Gee16 Sept. 14 09:35

The CIO as a venture capitalist

CIOs who want to help drive future business growth and innovation will need to develop a new mindset and new capabilities.

Written by David Gee04 Sept. 14 09:00

Lessons from a hack

David Gee relives the day he became the victim of a spear phishing attack.

Written by David Gee28 Aug. 14 12:53

What they don’t teach you at CIO school

An MBA graduate recently told me that most of the frameworks and theories he learnt during the course he had already forgotten.

Written by David Gee06 Aug. 14 14:35

Why corporates can’t innovate like startups

When you meet people who work in startups, you can sometimes sense that they are naïve. This may be correct but this sense of innocence is perhaps the reason why they have so many good ideas.

Written by David Gee30 July 14 15:04

What’s stopping you doing big data analysis?

On a recent trip to Silicon Valley, I quickly realised that the term ‘big data’ was not just a hyped up buzzword but indeed a key focus of tech giants and startups alike.

Written by David Gee15 July 14 10:10

My first 90 days as a CIO

David Gee left his post as CIO at Credit Union of Australia (CUA) in June. He reflects on his first 90 days as CIO at the financial institution. An 18-year veteran in multiple CIO roles, he also provides some advice on how other CIOs should approach their first three months in a new role.

Written by David Gee17 June 14 16:58