Stories by David Gee

​Why machine learning may help stop payment fraud

In 2017, the New Payments Platform (NPP) – infrastructure that offers real time payments between financial institutions and their customers’ accounts – will come into effect.

Written by David Gee09 Feb. 16 11:13

​The customer experience algorithm

All companies are on a journey to transform their customer experience and taking various approaches to this, but what are the basic elements of this equation?

Written by David Gee02 Feb. 16 10:38

5 megatrends for CIOs to watch

David Gee grabs his crystal ball and predicts the five megatrends you'll need to be aware of between now and 2020.

Written by David Gee27 Jan. 16 14:51

​8 minutes to change the way the world banks

David Gee was a judge at the recent Citi Mobile Challenge in Sydney where innovators were given 8 minutes to pitch their mobile apps. He discusses his top picks.

Written by David Gee17 Nov. 15 14:16

Introducing the Apple iRing

Apple recently applied for a patent in the United States for what could be called an iRing. This initially sounds like a goofy idea but hold that thought!

Written by David Gee12 Oct. 15 08:42

​Interview: Andrew Colliver, CEO, Banjo

David Gee chats to Banjo CEO Andrew Colliver about how the online lender intends to take on Australia's big four banks.

Written by David Gee02 Oct. 15 11:10

The race for messaging supremacy

David Gee finds some messaging platforms that you may not know about, including one that may win the race.

Written by David Gee26 May 15 15:32

Interview: Manutea Dupont, co-founder, ShopWings

Fascinated about how smart fridges of the future will connect with a shopping service, <i>CIO</i> contributor, David Gee, spoke to Manutea Dupont the co-founder of Australian startup, ShopWings.

Written by David Gee12 May 15 16:55

What’s all the fuss about messaging apps?

Emojis, picture characters that emanated from Japanese messaging systems, have found their way into our everyday lexicon. However, there has been an increasing focus on ‘attracting our thumbs’ with the uptake of messaging systems booming worldwide.

Written by David Gee29 April 15 13:43

Should the CFO report to the CIO?

Why don’t CFOs report to CIOs? This question – which many people will find totally ridiculous – was posed at my table during a breakout session at a recent conference I attended in Sydney.

Written by David Gee22 April 15 09:48