Stories by David Gee

​Why you should embrace Shadow IT

As a CIO, you will discover business-driven projects are already underway and you or your team haven’t been included in them. How do you react to this?

Written by David Gee28 Nov. 16 11:00

​Living in the land of fast internet

Australia is playing ‘catchup’ on broadband service delivery and our slowness will work against us in terms of international competitiveness.

Written by David Gee06 Oct. 16 16:51

​5 tips for your tech transformation

Your transformation journey will have much discomfort and adjustment. Here's a few tips to help smooth the process.

Written by David Gee05 Sept. 16 15:46

​The rise of robotics-as-a-service

We are hearing about more and more of this concept of robots. In financial services, robo-advisors are the rage as there is a shift of economic cycles.

Written by David Gee30 June 16 11:27

​The Uber CIO

In the age of digital transformation, the selection of a CIO is based upon the change agenda that is confronting the CEO and executive board. The CIO has a critical role to drive and support business transformation.

Written by David Gee08 June 16 09:00

​The 3C’s of digital transformation

Having the right capability, capacity and culture are the key to the success of digital transformation projects.

Written by David Gee12 May 16 16:18

​Why you need to be a master of managing conflict

As a CIO, you’re in the conflict zone. This doesn’t mean you are looking for an argument or trouble – but that you are naturally working with change and transformation.

Written by David Gee11 April 16 16:28

​The next-generation CIO is a jazz musician

In days gone by, a senior IT lead was like the conductor of an orchestra, working with a large team to deliver a symphony masterpiece.

Written by David Gee08 April 16 11:04

​Why acting like a lean startup is worth it

The ‘lean startup’ methodology – where agile approaches are used to speed up the development and release of products and services – is a concept that every CIO needs to understand and embrace.

Written by David Gee31 March 16 08:59

​What’s hot in enterprise IT? – Part 3

There will be an increasing crescendo of noise around the Internet and Things (IoT) and cyber security - individually and between the domains, says David Gee.

Written by David Gee24 March 16 11:34

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