Stories by Robert Mullins

Five ways IT can prepare for wearable devices at work

Just when IT execs are getting a handle on how to accommodate employees' personal smartphones and tablets in the workplace, the technology industry has thrown up a new challenge – wearable computers.

Written by Robert Mullins28 Nov. 13 15:58

SpikeSource CEO: Linux all grown up

Kim Polese, CEO of SpikeSource, speaks about the open-source movement and new products SpikeSource introduced at LinuxWorld.

Written by Robert Mullins13 Aug. 07 12:58

It Takes a Wired Village

It's impressive that there are 2 billion people connected to the Internet, but having 4 billion not connected is a social issue.

Written by Robert Mullins08 June 07 14:22

Protecting the Earth and the Bottom Line

More companies are realizing that embracing energy conservation is good business, not just good public relations.

Written by Robert Mullins11 May 07 13:25

Green Grid Powers Up to Save Energy

The Green Grid, a group of technology companies collaborating to improve energy efficiency in data centres, is officially open for business.

Written by Robert Mullins05 April 07 13:27

Murdock aims to close Solaris 'usability gap'

Ian Murdock says he drew a lot of puzzled looks from his colleagues in the Linux community when he joined Sun Microsystems in its newly created position of chief operating platforms officer. "What's a Linux guy doing at Sun?" he was asked.

Written by Robert Mullins30 March 07 13:08

War of words erupts between figures in HP scandal

The attorney for ousted Hewlett-Packard chairman Patricia Dunn fired back Wednesday at public comments made by board rival Thomas Perkins about the HP pretexting scandal.

Written by Robert Mullins01 March 07 13:50

CTO: Red Hat unaffected by Oracle, Novell

Red Hat has scheduled a March release for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL5), the latest version of its open-source operating system, while it tries to fend off new competitive threats from Oracle Corp. and the Microsoft-Novell partnership.

Written by Robert Mullins16 Feb. 07 14:29

Report: Plea talks in HP case, new director named

Defense and prosecution attorneys in the Hewlett-Packard (HP) spying case are scheduled to meet with the presiding judge Dec. 4 to discuss possible plea bargains, the San Jose Mercury News reported Saturday.

Written by Robert Mullins20 Nov. 06 13:43

Hurd says vacant board seats not yet filled

Hewlett-Packard Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mark Hurd says the company is still in the process of refilling empty seats on its board caused by resignations related to the company's spying scandal.

Written by Robert Mullins17 Nov. 06 10:39

Patricia Dunn pleads not guilty in HP case

Patricia Dunn, the former chairman of Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) pleaded not guilty Wednesday morning local time to four felony charges related to the HP board spying scandal.

Written by Robert Mullins16 Nov. 06 07:01

HP hires Ethics and Compliance Officer

Hewlett-Packard is hiring a chief ethics and compliance officer to make sure its businesses practices, sullied by a boardroom spying scandal, remain on the straight and narrow.

Written by Robert Mullins13 Oct. 06 09:34

HP's Dunn, Fiorina blame Perkins for downfall

Former Hewlett-Packard chairmen Patricia Dunn and Carly Fiorina each cited board member Thomas Perkins as an instigator behind their ousters from the technology company, according to interviews the two gave on a U.S. TV news program Sunday night.

Written by Robert Mullins10 Oct. 06 08:50

Dunn, Hunsaker face HP charges in court

Former Hewlett-Packard Chairman Patricia Dunn made a brief court appearance Thursday in Santa Clara County, California, to face four state felony charges in the HP boardroom scandal. Superior Court Judge Alfonso Fernandez scheduled her arraignment for Nov. 17, at which she will enter a plea to charges in the case.

Written by Robert Mullins06 Oct. 06 13:07

Dunn, four others, indicted in HP scandal

Ousted Hewlett-Packard Chairman Patricia Dunn, a former company lawyer, and three outside investigators were indicted Wednesday in California on felony charges related to the conduct of an investigation to track down news leaks from the HP board that allegedly broke state law.

Written by Robert Mullins05 Oct. 06 09:24